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What will I need to do to have multiple succubi visit me regularly?

My goal is to have approx a dozen succubi who visit me regularly. If you are a succubus and you are looking for a no-strings attached regular food source that has abnormally high sexual energy then I’m your guy. I prefer succubi with a strong astral presence and that are a little forceful.
I’m obessessed with having succubi visit me. Normal guys want human girls, I want succubi.


  1. You have to nail a cucumber to your fore-head. Trust me…I’m a doctor.
    Next you must injest said cucumber and forcibly expel out of your bellybutton…you’re out of luck if ya can’t though as this is the only way.

  2. simple steps for finding succubi:
    1. start lawnmower
    2. Insert face into underside of lawnmower

  3. all you need do is not wash your underwear for 3 years and you will have all the visitations you can handle

  4. You will have to be very, very careful that you don’t end up accidentally summoning a gay incubus (also known as an ontheotherbus).

  5. Well, I’m not a succubus, but I like sex if that’s any help. *pouts because she’s just a boring human* :'(
    If you’re absolutely set on a succubus though, *sigh* you should trust the guy who answered first. I hear he’s a doctor.


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