My goal is to have approx a dozen succubi who visit me regularly. If you are a succubus and you are looking for a no-strings attached regular food source that has abnormally high sexual energy then I’m your guy. I prefer succubi with a strong astral presence and that are a little forceful.
I’m obessessed with having succubi visit me. Normal guys want human girls, I want succubi.


  • Well, I’m not a succubus, but I like sex if that’s any help. *pouts because she’s just a boring human* :'(

    If you’re absolutely set on a succubus though, *sigh* you should trust the guy who answered first. I hear he’s a doctor.

  • You will have to be very, very careful that you don’t end up accidentally summoning a gay incubus (also known as an ontheotherbus).

  • all you need do is not wash your underwear for 3 years and you will have all the visitations you can handle

  • simple steps for finding succubi:

    1. start lawnmower
    2. Insert face into underside of lawnmower


  • You have to nail a cucumber to your fore-head. Trust me…I’m a doctor.

    Next you must injest said cucumber and forcibly expel out of your bellybutton…you’re out of luck if ya can’t though as this is the only way.

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