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What will humans look like in 1000 years?

From my readings on the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, we will be able to create “conscious”, “self-aware” android-like robots within the next 50 years which would be indistinguishable from human beings in appearance.
So, in order to compete from an evolutionary standpoint, humanity would be then forced to use robotics within themselves to become smarter, stronger and faster.
My guess is that rather than replacing our bones with metal bars, this will take the form of self-replicating nano-bots which could be injected (like stem cells) and make us literally “superhuman” compared to our current state.
We would become hybrids while maintaining our biological humanity. We would be able to communicate through telepathy, go for weeks without food, have total recall of any subject and even breathe under water. The lines between human and android would blur, all in the name of competing.
I have even read in scientific journals that it will be possible to actually “download” a human mind into a perfect android body.
Go to sleep in a fallible, corruptible bag of water and wake up in a perfect mechanical body. From the standpoint of one’s mind, you wouldn’t know anything had changed, except that you now looked like Brad Pitt and had the brains of Einstein.
So, how long would it be before, as a race, humanity became so accustomed to our new “blended” form that we started to no longer see a need for the biologocal component at all?
Or, would our basic humanity drive us to maintain that biologic portion of ourselves?
Sound like science fiction? Yeah well I have a cell phone that looks a lot like a Star Trek Communicator, only mine is smaller and takes pictures too.
And for the “humans will never last another 1000 years crowd”.
Most of humanities ills throughout the ages have been due to “haves” and “have-nots”. We battle over scarce resources.
Technology will provide us with cheap energy, abundant food supplies and transportation which has no ill effect on the environment.
The chief threat to humanity’s existence within the next 1000 years will be intelligent robots – self-aware and concious as you or I, but so far superior to us physiologically as we are to the earthworms in your back yard.
War’s, polution, the environment – no, none of these will destroy us. Our only real threat is from our own creation.
To compete, we will be forced to combine. Therein lies the ethical dilemna.


  1. Now, to answer this question, one must first entertain another one? Will you be alive 1000 years from now. It is to my best understanding, even though the wine seems to kick in, that you will not live that long. Then, spend your time on other issues, like will wine make me feel good during the hollydays? Good, day my friend.

  2. What would creating android-like robots
    have to do with what we will look like ?
    We should look the same as we have
    since man started to walk up-right.
    Don’t forget we’re in the end of days.

  3. If you kindly take a look at the world condition and the growing violence, the escalating powers of dangerous rogue nations, global warming is not being addressed dramatically enough to turn things around…,
    I hate to sound like Mr. Negativity here – but unless something drastically changes, mankind is on a date with destiny – a collision course with total and absolute, genocide, taking with it every living creature. The end result could leave Earth looking very much like Mars.
    From my view point – unless the governments of the world and their perspective peoples all join as one to stop these events – the only other hope would be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Elsewise – humanity is already as good as extinct.

  4. I had hoped that our good medical doctors by then would have improved on the human being. Making us less vulnerable to illness and the like and possibly perfecting the exterier as well. We were addressing what we should put in our time capsule and I suggested lots of pictures of our whole body, along with other stuff. If it is not found for thousands of years God only knows what the finders might look like. Judi


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