What will happen on 2012??A natural catastrophe?or a spiritual awakening?

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placebo affect

h1n1 kills all non illuminati

short and to the point

nothing. did you not read the same damn question posted a few minutes ago?


the same thing that happened for Y2K…nothing at all.

What the Puck?

a natural catastrophe that will awaken me spiritually!

Ali S

nothing at all. it was predicted by the mayans that a giant earthquake will destroy the earth on december 22,23 or 24 2012. but nothing will hapenn just a nice winter day.


Nothing life and the world will just continue like any other time.


Everyone who thought the world will end will probably think their stupid for a few days after, then everything will return to normal.

Justin J

I consider there to be two possibilities, either we find a way to cheat death or we discover time travel. In the ancient civilizations that considered it to be the end of the world their calendars came to an end, in both of the “possibilities” time for humanity would literally “come to an end”. It is also the dawning of a new astrological age.


The Mayans claim that 2012 will bring a great change and the opinions are flying like locusts. All of course being guesses.

Ahmad S

I think that it is intriguing how the Mayan Calendar specifies the importance of 2012. This is what will happen our sun / solar system is due to align with the center of our galaxy according to 25,900 year orbit of our solar system around the galaxy center. However, to suggest that there will be cataclysmic destruction or a spiritual awakening at this poit I cannot confirm nor deny that somethign of this nature will happen however all I can say is that the ancient Maya placed significance upon this time frame and there were other times within their their solar and galactic calendars that they placed significance on. At this point all I can say is time will tell. But Our Solar System is due to align with the galactic center.
To me this makes perfect sense because based upon the principles of gravity and electromagnetism, when you consider that the earth orbits around the sun, the solar system orbits around the galaxy and the universe as a whole is expanding based upon a circular motion then it would make sense that at some point the solar system would align with the center of the galaxy.


Nothing, I can personally guarantee it.

N. E. O.

Hopefully…and probably a spiritual awakening…which is hopefully why everyone is so hyped up about it. (:

null 0

There will be a great spiritual awakening where everyone who feared 2012 realizes there was nothing to fear after all.

Irony Man

Obama get re-elected 🙂

Ken E

The details behind 21 December 2012 make no sense at all. The originator of the so-called prophecy studied at the University of Chicago in Arts more than 40 years ago. He was Jose Arguelles then. He now says time is faster than light (whatever that means) and that the way we measure time is harmful to all life on Earth (how does that work?).
He now calls himself Valum Voltan and says he is the re-incarnation of a Mayan priest and lives in New Zealand, last I heard. All this stuff was based on the fact that a Mayan count of days runs out of numbers on 21 or 23 December by our calendar. That has as much to do with the Mayan counting system as anything else. The Mayans counted by 20, then by 18s then by 20 again and so on.
The Mayans were pretty fair naked eye astronomers for a stone age people and had enough sense not to predict anything at all, except maybe party time. I reckon they were smarter than Arguelles.
But crazy as his ideas are, he did not say the world would end on 21 December 2012. All he said was that this would be the beginning of a new era. That was about 20 years ago.
Since then, people who are just as batty, but in a different way have grabbed his ideas and run away with them. Some of them were habitual users of mescalin, LSD or magic mushrooms and wrote down their visions.
Another called Nancy Lieder claimed that aliens had abducted her about 1993 and told her that a planet called X would pass close to the Earth and cause a magnetic pole shift and other damage. That would be in 2003. Since it didn’t come, she started making up stories of how it was a trial to test the governments of the world and that the planet would appear later. She usually says 2012 as far as I know.
Apart from Voltan and Lieder, others have jumped on the bandwagon and have predicted everything from bees dying to collisions with stray planets. There are supposed to be alignments with the other planets or the centre of the galaxy, both of which will not happen.
They are vicious liars and only in it for the money. They are trying to sell “survival” supplies, shelters, books, videos and what all, but to do that you have to frighten people first.


That is 3 years away – anything could happen (but there is no scientific evidence of any kind that it will be anything other than just another year).

tick tock

Fox News will probably have a “Countdown to Doom”.
The History Channel will run a marathon of their schlockumentaries… when they run out they will probably run Youtube videos… their reputation is SO shot.
The Weather Channel will predict “Sunny and mild in the Northeast, with flurries expected throughout the Midwest”.
A fellow named Viagra Voltron will climb a tree in Africa… no one knows why, he stopped making sense when Nixon was president.
Will a natural catastrophe happen? Sure, don’t they always? Seems a little belittling to those affected to claim their suffering was necessary because it was prophesied.
Nostrildamnass predicts traffic congestion along the Beltway.


most likely nothing will happen out of the ordinary…. except that my winged horse, who i named pegusus II will take me for a mid night ride above the earth to save me from all the catastrophes and “natural disasters”….. well, he said he would! he promised!!!! and i believe him…..


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