Home Discussion Forum What will happen i went on an online ouija board!?

What will happen i went on an online ouija board!?

i went on an online ouija board and said open the gate what will happen?!!!!!


  1. Nothing will happen dont worry lol :D.
    Ouji boards are believed to be mystical and their just not.
    Usualy its people pushin the glass with their fingers, but its an online Ouji board so especialy don’t worry lol :D.
    Just a computer programme randomly choosing phrases etc.

  2. Probably because the BIG DEVIL is going to take his dog for a walk…and when he comes back he’ll eat your computer

  3. Don’t know about online ones…
    But real ones are no joke. That is why the took that game off the market. We played with one once as a kid, The house was not right after that.
    I wouldn’t have anything to do with those things…. Divination is not something to be blindly messed around with.

  4. OK i went on an online Ouija board and I didn’t believe it was real. I accidentally exed out of the Ouija before without saying goodbye. (you are always supposed to say goodbye) my door knob started turning and my door started shaking like something was trying to get out. No one was home but me and the dog. Also if you invite a spirit in like that you are making it easy for them to possess you. Spirits can only posses you if you invite them in and all they need you to do is say the word…which you have done. Im not saying that you will immediately be possessed but the attitude you have towards this Ouija board business is a very welcoming attitude for them. All I have left to say is don’t mess with them. There are no good spirits that come out of it and they lie to gain your trust.
    Just stay away from it.

  5. it just gave my dad’s computer a virus. I just clicked off it straight away. nothing else happened.

  6. Your hard drive will be taken over by demons which have been known to escape and reek havoc, beware

  7. an online ouija board would not work. people have to be touching it, because its down to indeomotor movement, there is no such thing as ghosts.
    or if you choose to believe it it would not work as you have to be with the spirit. sigh.


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