Home Discussion Forum What will guarantee a visit from a succubus?

What will guarantee a visit from a succubus?

I really really want to be visited by a succubus. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  1. How many weeks have you be asking this same question? If you can’t fine your answer here, you should look else were for it.

  2. I see you are asking this same question again.
    I am so looking forward to the day when you come back in here begging for our help to get rid of the succubus after you find out it is trying to kill you.
    When this happens, I am going to LAUGH MY A– OFF AT YOU when no one helps you.
    You are such an idiot. I hope the succubus takes you to h— with her.

  3. Why would you want to attract a succubus? Yes you are supposed to derive pleasure, at the moment, but they drain you of energy and you could possibly die over time, also, it is not a woman, that is a trick, it’s a horrible looking old hag demon, I would be very careful about what you wish to enter your life….may I suggest a gf?
    you might “summon” a succubi and get something even worse, that you did not bargain for….but since none of the answers actually answer your question…Check out this link
    Also it has been said that they are attracted to people under the influence, and someone who surrounds themself with “death” think gothic images and ouija boards.


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