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What will be the next evolutionary stage of man, and when will it happen?

We have come so far from back in the days of Monkeys and Apes. What is the next step? Will we fly like birds or use telepathy like Aliens? What do you think the next step is and when will it happen?


  1. we are already seeing it! More people every year are being born without wisdom teeth. We have evolved beyond the need for a third molar.

  2. No one can really answer that. Evolution takes place over thousands or millions of years. It is likely that it will be recognized after the fact. We certainly can’t predict what it is or when it happens.

  3. It’s happening right now, evolution is constantly occurring. That is something a lot of people don’t understand, they think that one day an ape gave birth to a human, but it happened over thousands and thousands of years. So, evolution is occurring now, but the changes aren’t as drastic as some might think.

  4. Evolution is a constant change triggered by need. Even though it happens constantly we might not recognize until we see a human after about a million years. Suppose we see one what could be the difference.
    1) We have become more dependent on machines in our day to day life, so future man might not “need” strong arms and legs. So he might be delicate in bone structure.
    2) Man has started using computers a lot which means using the brain a lot to program them. So the brain size might increase.

  5. Our technology and use of tools have become such a part of our lives that evolutionary adaptation is for us, needless. If were to evolve, it is not a matter of when, more of an if. Not only that, but evolution is a constant process, not one that happens instantly. Any noticeable differences to classify us as another species than we are now would be 1-3 million years down the road, at least, probally more due to, as stated, our technological adaptations winning out over biological ones.

  6. In terms of Darwinian evolution, man has polluted its gene pool , likely beyond any sort of recovery. With the advent of technology, and its uses to make life “easier” for mankind, the push for better medicine, in which we save every life possible, we have accomplished de-evolution. The human gene pool now gets polluted with every gene set possible, even those that are known to develop disease, those that don’t fully develop minds, everyone is saved if they can be with our great applications of modern technology and medicine. This results in no superior genes “winning” over less superior genes in terms of receptivity to disease, or efficiency in consumption of resources, of acuteness of the mind, actually superior genes are more likely diminishing in terms of the % of the population, since in terms of numbers of babies, those with superior minds don’t reproduce as much as those that ignorantly reproduce without even the means to support so many offspring, thus a reversal effect toward Darwinian evolution.
    Given this situation, are next stage in evolution could be considered a new priority type of evolution, where resistance to disease, or individual intelligence, or physical strength is not a requisite of “better” human beings. Thing such as ability to merge with technology will cross over from added convenience and luxury, to necessity. (although this process has obviously already started since day 1) Humans will continue to integrate technology into their lives in ways that may sound like star wars, matrix, or the likeness to the ‘borg’ from Star Trek, but haven’t things like this already evolved? I human can sit in a chair and work by selling online items, even rerouting an inventory that is in some warehouse some where else, and never actually have to get up, to make a living. He/she can order his groceries online, his/her appliances, his/her furniture, anything he/she needs. Things as simple as brushing your teeth have become automated, replacing the back and forth wrist motion with a more efficient and effective mechanical vibrating, or rotating bristles device, which means we do less, the technology takes over a particular task. If some one can do everything they need to do to survive without having to get up…. Will they eventually stop getting up? In news, you may or may not have heard of the woman with prosthetic arm, which is tapped to her nerves and she can control the machine surgically attached to her by “thinking” or willing it to move. This is simply the most concrete, or obvious sigh of our already progressing evolution into a merging with our own technology. Those who have seen the matrix have seen the imagination of a world where the entire civilization of humans lived their lives without ever actually moving their muscles or opening their eyes. Although this Matrix world was controlled by AI beings, what is to say that that is not our eventuality. It doesn’t need to be for the sake of mining energy from human body heat, there are those of us who today would pay millions to experience a complete virtual reality such as the matrix, you could actually experience vacations, or hold a corporate meeting, or see you distant relatives, or do anything exciting, that you otherwise might not be able to do in your “real” world conditions. Wouldn’t a handicapped individual, who lacked the ability to walk, prefer a virtual world, where they could? If you were rich enough, would you pay to modify your arms so that you could hit home runs, or modify your body in other ways to make you superior in any means, (hmm plastic surgery) etc. These rich people desires, are simply the future of what all people wish to attain. Even now the cost for some of these surgeries has streamlined and reduced in cost, “two for one” lasic eye surgery? Next you have the DIY home kit available at Wall mart, and thus available online for a lesser cost. Technology takes over, but because we want to, if a machine can do it faster, more efficiently, with high quality, why would a human do it? (fully automated factories….)
    Humans want to achieve the ability to do everything, without having to do anything… and so they shell achieve. Maybe the matrix was just a projection of human desires. Our body can be complexly idle, while our minds are “free” to think and act separately.
    I could philosophize about this subject for days, but its 3:00 pm, I just woke up, I need eat something, and there is no surgical straw to automate this process for me yet, and so I need to get off my chair, *sigh, and make something in the kitchen to eat, before I sit back down again, and continue my day….eventuality

  7. We’ll lose the last remnants of our reptilian tails (the tailbone), the appendix, the cerebral cortex will finally rid itself of the primitive limbic system (the location of our primitive beliefs in god and the supernatural), homo sapiens will divurge into three branches….homo brainiacs, homo carbonetics, and homo robotics. Which one will survive is anyones guess…but we’re talking 100,000 to 150,000 years at this point (evolution is a very slow process)

  8. Good question. I think the next step will be to cast ‘off’ this shell that we live in and become a source of pure energy. People are ‘very attracted to their wrappers’ and quite vain of them. They instruct themselves in what wrappers are pleasing to the eye and which are hideous. In their vanity they forgot they even exist inside these vessels and that from whence they came, all was energy and thought. I guess you could think of yourself as the Invisible man, or woman, but you would’nt have the need to shapeshift into a ‘form’ at all, for you would no longer be so insecure as to try convince yourself that this outmoded form is necessary, at all.

  9. You have asked a very good question and i think i have the answer. How often have your parents heard of psychics when they were young and how often have you heard of psychics now days if you where to find out that statistics of the psychic population in the world you will find that psychics have increased greatly in numbers. think about it humans are most known for using their mind to accomplish things.But to ask what is the next step would be wrong be cause evolution does not take steps.

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