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What websites can I go on that will tell me how to do hypnosis on him?

I have a friend who has back pain associated with cancer. I read on the ACS website that hypnosis helps with this. What websites are there that will tell me how to do hypnosis on hm in his situation? When you answer I will also accept other tips that you may have on helping him with the pain.


  1. I will be praying for your friend that he or she will find some relief. You are a good friend for trying to help. Perhaps a pain management clinic could be of assistance.

  2. Be careful – hypnosis is to be used successfully to relieve pains but we don’t want to loose pains that are indicators for the health. For example relieving pains associated to appendicitis and not treating it will be disastrous. If he is getting a good treatment I recommend the following article http://max.zwillingstern.googlepages.com/home
    Good luck,

  3. This a serious problem and not one for amateurs. You want to find a classically trained hypnotist who is experienced with pain control.
    The best technique is called glove anesthesia where the non writing hand is numbed and the anesthesia is transferred
    to the painful area and adjusted to allow normal function while maintaining the pain control. If this is not done properly the person could be completely or partially paralyzed below the pain sight. remember not for amaturer’s.


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