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What was your near death experience?

a year ago I was rebuilding a dock with a friend from church. standing in waist deep water I knew it was dangerouse to be using electrical equipment but it was the only way to drill holes into the concrete foundation. After drilling the 3rd hole I place the drill gun on the wall and reached for the metal stud to place into the foundation. I pulled the cord of the gun and it fell into the water. I tried catching it (out of reaction) and my hand submerged into the water. as I brought it out I got shocked, my hand squeezed the gun and turned it on. the drill bit starting moving closer to my chest, right where my heart is. my reaction was to use my other hand to hold the gun so that my left arm wouldnt contract into my chest. if my other hand was wet I would have been dead by the shock corssing my heart and then shredded my chest open. note: this all happend in a matter of seconds. Whats your near death experience?


  1. glad you’re alive
    my appendix burst.50 minutes of hell while my girlfriend scrambled to get me an ambulance & to the hospital. the gas went on me as they wheeled me in,and i felt the scalpel open me like a zipper.a moment later,i was out cold.7 days inpatient to start to recover,6 weeks out of work.i’m sure glad she was there for me.

  2. I overdosed on some prescription drugs before going to bed one night. The next day I was completely out of it, I didn’t know what was going on, I somehow got dressed and almost out the door but my parents easily noticed and rushed me to the hospital. All I recall is being unconscious most of the time, and being woken up only to fall back asleep a few seconds later. For all I know I could have died that day. *Shrug.* I know it’s not nearly as glamorous as the other close shaves, but I figured I’d share anyways.

  3. My husband amd I are truck drivers, and we were taking the split from I-380 to I-84 in PA and it was snowing lightly, it was a sharp curve and an SUV speeded up in the curve, there was black ice under a bridge and the SUV started skidding, it went from the right lane to the left and was going around and around. Then it hit the shoulder and bounced back hitting our trailer tires on the left side.
    We stop in the right shoulder and I quickly called 911, we didn’t know if the person was ok.
    We start walking toward the SUV and pick up also skids right in front of us, I froze but my husband reacted quickly by pushing me and jumping away from the pick up, because it was coming in our direction. It missed us by 2-3 feet.
    I’ve never been so scared, right then and there I had one of my panic attacks. The guy from the SUV was ok, thankfully.
    We had climb up a mountain, and in the next half our 6 more cars had crashed with each other due to black ice under the bridge.

  4. Wow, you are really , really , really stupid, i am sorry to say it , but how would you do that? Go relax, take a bath and make some toast.

  5. I was sixteen at the time. My parents were divorced and I was living with my father, who happens to be an alcoholic. I rarely saw my mother. Ever since I was seven, my father had beaten me many, many times. Once, he beat me so badly that he left me bleeding on my bedroom floor. Any little thing could set him off. He would verbally abuse me and lie to me again and again. The pain became unbearable. I tried to talk to my friends but they didn’t believe me. In front of my friends, he was the picture-perfect father every child would want. They always told me that. So when I would tell them what he did, they laughed at me. I had no one to turn to, no one to go to for comfort. One night, I was so overwhelmed with heartache and pain that I realized I could no longer handle it. I could not handle the tears and the pain and a shattered heart. All I wanted was for the pain to stop. So that night, I took seventeen prescription pills. My mother came home early and found me on the living room floor. The next morning I woke up in the hospital. I still was desperate for the pain to end, and I could not stop thinking about that. My mother had brought me to church most of my life, but I always tuned it out, never really paid attention to what was said. That morning, alone in my hospital room, I began to think about all the things the pastor spoke of. I wondered if just maybe what I had heard all those years was true. I knew that I could no longer deal with the heartache on my own. I knew I needed someone, someone to comfort me, to be there whenever I was in need, someone to take my hand and help me through. It was then that I broke down and wept harder than I ever had in my life, and I prayed for the first time to God, I asked Jesus into my life and heart. I had always felt unloved and unwanted, but when I prayed that prayer, I felt surrounded by a love that was so intense that I could not help but weep. It was a love like no other, like I had never experienced, never known in all my life. It pierced my heart and filled my soul. For the first time, I realized that I really did have so much to live for. Had it not been for Jesus and His amazing everlasting love, His forever love, I would not be alive this day.

  6. I almost suffacated once when I was asleep and another one it was weird because I just said I love you and my soul went up like if I was awake at least I thought I was awake and then I just layed down again in bed and I felt my soul coming back to my body. It was weird.

  7. Drowned once, resuscitated. Kind of anti-climatic. No tunnels or white lights. Just very, very peaceful.


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