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what was this deep meditation experience i had?

hi ive been practicing deep breath meditation now for almost a month everyday and today something very interesting happened to me. After meditating for about an hour or 2 i got so deep and 1 with my breath and then right away out of nowhere its like this light switch was immidiately shut off, i always would see a little light as my eyes are closed but when this happened Boom, complete darkness and i felt this incredible energy and extasy all over my body and my heart was beating like crazy, i guess after about half a minute i got too aware of what was happening and then i returned to normal. Now what i want to know is what exactly happened? i know theres lots of different terms-chrown chakra, third eye activation…and im not sure what this was. i want to know so much more about what happened or where i went, and want to go back 🙂 thnks


  1. The more you practice the deeper your meditation experiences will get. It’s the best feeling ever, I know. Better than all drugs combined. And what’s more, it has a lasting effect and meditation permanently changes your experiences in life, rather than make you happy for a while and bring you crashing down after like drugs.
    Keep at it and good luck 🙂

  2. Your blood cells became enriched by Oxygen more then usually.
    Through meditation you may find feelings, bot through prayer – God.

  3. I will let it go… after typing for 1 hour explaining the above in my terms i pressed the wrong button and lost the lot, after doing a spell check, something i dont usually do as can usually live my mistakes.
    in summary…..
    I made the mistake for years of wanting, desires, enlightenment, joy and tranquality, insights etc from meditation. Your body/mind will produce all kinds karmic equations of distractions, signals, from pain it wants to tell you to avoid, desires, memories, and anythings else to get you to survive the death it feels you are having, by producing prompts and things to live for, from you not moving. Natural body chemicals and visions will come. Neither turn them on or off, Just let them go.
    Let it all go and you will continue to grow no matter what it is.
    We are our own true teachers. Delight in each moment like its your last, in or out of mediation, in one life long meditation, my answer. Walking, sitting, sleeping, working, driving, sexing, eating, pooing even dying as we all are now.
    Impermance: the art of constant change. The constant of impermance. Life is uncertain..death is certain.
    Use Death to move you to think, say and do good action for self and others. To do good for self is to do good for others. Note often doing nothing for others is good. Eg. How many summers do you have left? Use each wisely. Then the seasons will unite in to four summers in one year.
    In studying like a warrior you we see, feel, hear and smell lots of things. Let them all go. Hold them and let them go. knowing all impermance, born, existing and death.
    no spell checks! Keep to the point next time please Luke)
    BuB:) NSWE allways

  4. to CHEIR
    you are just rude and ignorant and should probably find other pages to post your smart remarks in…..you are still a non believer and just looking for people to try and derail them from their path…Shame on you and YOUR ignorance….


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