what was this Astral Projection?





I was clearing my mind while sleeping and trying to do an astral projection. I have done it once before and this time I guess i had a vision or something of a demon, pure black with hard textured face, and goat horns that curled near where it ears would be. I was wondering what this mint.


  1. It means you are opening yourself up for demon possession. Have you seen those homeless guys who talk to themselves and curse everyone? That’s what meditating does.
    There was a story of one guy who was meditating and he had a vision of flying through space. Each time he would get farther and farther away. The one his spirit was traveling with took him deeper and deeper in space, for longer and longer periods of times. This was so that his body could eventually be possessed by a demon.
    Dude the Bible is real. Don’t play around with this stuff. Demonic possessions are real. Open up the bible, and ask the Lord to Reveal the Truth. And plead the blood of Jesus. Otherwise that demonic figure will be your torturer.

  2. When you’re in an unfamiliar setting even in a lucid dream where your consciousness is awake but you’re body asleep, it doesn’t take much to eventually lead ones self to panic and fear. I had to face my literal monster when I had a sleep paralysis episode, my mind even projected qualities for it, like having a presence, or having a significance, but in reality this was subjective and I removed the need to place any significance on these so called entities, and behold, they vanish just as fast as they were conjured.
    This is the fealty of the mind, it houses infinite possibilities, but not all are necessary or beneficial.
    Words such as ghost, demons, monsters don’t have to mean anything. Then again, there could be parasitic mind entities that dwell in our consciousness feeding on negative thoughts but dealing with them would be the same, don’t feed them any significance.

  3. if it happened while sleeping, it’s probably a dream. Astral projection is an out of body experience where you can see yourself or see from another person’s POV. Also, you just saw Mr. T naked and he is pissed off now.

  4. You created it by your own perceptions and beliefs… if you believed in pink elephants you would probably see one of those eventually. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but it was a reflection of yourself, that’s not to say you’re a demon or anything like that lol.. 🙂
    PS. the video the guy posted below is nothing like Astral Projection… astral projection you enter the infinite realm which I believe is the same thing that scientists call the Quantum Dimension, until you achieve it and experience it for yourself, you’ll probably never believe in it… I sure didn’t…

  5. Generally you cannot Astral Project while sleeping, odds are it was a bad dream. Then again, you could have seen a vision of some kind.

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