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What was this all about?

Has anyone had a experiance like this?
Sporadically Throughout my life I was paid visits in the middle of the night by a spiritual entity. These experiences in the middle of the night were quite terrifying. This is what happened. My bed was located so that when I slept my head was positioned next to the exterior wall of my room. As I slept a spiritual entity would reach through the wall grabbing my head with its hands. It would place me in what is known as sleep paralysis. I would feel numb all over and couldn’t move. I would say the Lord’s Prayer over and over again and then at last I would wake up terrified, but the demonic entity would be gone. When I woke up in the morning I wouldn’t remember the attack that happened the night before. It was as if my mind was erased. I will call it a demonic attack. Prior to the gulf war in 1991 I discovered a underworld secret society of Satanism / the NWO. This is when spiritual warfare became sever in my life. After the unmasking of the NWO, this spiritual entity that had came in the middle of the night returned frequently. It happened so frequent that, when I awoke, I wasn’t forgetting the experience. In fact one night when this entity came back the spirit in me manifested the entity to me. I saw the demonic spirit through the eyes of the spirit in me. It was an unholy spiritual entity. It was +- 8’ in height. It stood out side my exterior wall, reaching through the wall with its hands grabbing my head. To this day I’m unsure why it did this, and I’m not sure if I want to no. This was only one of the many experiences that I was having with the spirit realm after discovering the NWO and how it is run by witchcraft! This is what I did. I went to a very old Catholic church in the town were I live. I took a small bottle filling it with Holy water. I proceeded to bless the house on the interior and exterior walls in the shape of a cross. I did this to all the walls around the entire home, including the roof and floor. This spiritual entity returned shortly there after. I guess he wasn’t all seeing! He returned in the middle of the night as usual. This giant of an entity tried to reach through the wall of my room when he discovered a young man who was waiting for him. As his hands touched the wall, which I had blessed with Holy water, he discovered what pain was! There was a spiritual explosion. It was so loud. Blamo!!! It sounded as if the wall was going to shatter into pieces. This entity let out scream that I will never forget! I must have smiled from ear to ear that night! Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST! To the best of my knowledge this spiritual entity has never returned. Graciously yours baptized by fire / the witness!
IZ2C, God is watching over us and he gives his Holy Angels charge over us to protect us Graciously yours baptized by fire / the witness thank you Jesus!
Thriller that is funny you should ask. they would wake me at specific times like 1:42, 2:42,3:00,1:35,2:35,12:00. The list is endless, but I understand exactly what you say!!! God Bless!!!


  1. Praise God! I’ve had the same types of experiences, I go through my home and bless it with oil and repent of any known sins then ask God to send His angels to stand guard.

  2. Quite a witness. I think you had a spiritual battle going on because of your exposure to NWO.
    Sounds like you got out and protected yourself. Well done!
    Rev. TomCat

  3. Did it happen between midnight and 3AM? Demons r at their strongest at 3AM. Well I’m glad that the entity is gone. Thank the lord! God Bless.

  4. What was this all about?
    That was out-and-out spiritual and mental warfare. Even though they don’t have a physical body, demons will try to make like they’re going to do you physical harm… and the sheer mental intimidation power they exert can have spillover effects to what you physically experience.
    Good for you, for taking action, for invoking Christ’s protection. Another thing that can help is to burn holy herbs, such as sage or cannabis. Anything light and good, or representative of the Almighty simply burns a demon with agony. Your God-loving heart burns them, which is probably why they tried to get at you.
    The head-grabbing thing is probably symbolic – they want to control you, as the head controls the body. But they can’t do a thing while His glory protects you – and for that, I say a prayer of gratitude to my Holy Father in Heaven.

  5. The nwo is run by witchcraft, but these “witches” are on your side, the secret societies have been infiltrated and taken over by judeo-christianiy, how do you think the US got to be a christian nation…you’re under their spell


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