What was the title of this series of fantasy books?

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I remember reading the first volume of a series of books, and would like to find the series again to read the end. The main character was a child, named Jack, and his whole family had paranormal abilities. Jack has something wrong with him physically, so he is in bed most of the time, but he can sense that his siblings and cousins are using their powers to suck life power from people through their chakra’s to gain power. I’m afraid that’s all I know. The series must be at least 17 years old, because that is when I read the first book from the library. Many thanks!

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Try WorldCat or going to the library.

♥Shortstuff13 ♥

I searched “fantasy book series” on the internet & a page popped up naming the book titles, authors, & the year they were published. Since you know what the books are about, better than I, perhaps you will have luck finding the series once again. If the series was out 17 years ago, that’d make the year 1991. Good luck!


The Bagthorpe Saga by Helen Creswell? [the first book, “Ordinary Jack” was published in 1977.
“”The beguiling first in a trilogy about the Bagthorpes–who must be: the
eccentric British family, with a handful of multi-talented children, a
deaf grandfather, a perpetually exasperated father, an ungrammatical
housekeeper, a gorgeous Danish au pair, a pyromaniacal four-year-old
cousin, a bird-brained mutt, and Jack, a seemingly talentless
eleven-year-old out of place in a family where ali the others have several
Strings to their Bows. Stereotypes yes, as thus set down, but to read
Ordinary Jack is to feel that Cresswell has just invented–or better yet,
encountered–them all. It’s hard to resist citing one hilarious
development after another; suffice it to say that Jack, beaten at swimming
by eight-year-old Rosie who already has three Strings to her Bow (violin,
math, portrait painting), conspires with sympathetic if distracted Uncle
Parker to pass himself off as a prophet”


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