What was the spiritual messages of the great awakening?

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Joeq D

Fear of an angry god who tortures innocent people forever who do not submit to his authority and say the magic words.

Jesus C

“Ohh shit, Jesus is coming. Look busy!”


To invent alarm clocks


Do you believe human consciousness exists in more than one dimension?

Do you believe in a "non-local" mind? What about a collective unconscious?

What's better to start with? An Oracle deck or Rider Waite Tarot deck?

I've read that the Oracle is more direct in answers. But as a beginner, what should I start out with learning?

question about the subconscious mind?

It seems that when i leave almost every task to my subconscious mind I excel but once I think about something too much I...

can anybody tell me about qi gong 氣功?

I just want to learn more about qigong. How do people use it? does it have a religious background to it? what are the...

Is it possible to have a minute meditation?

I'm pretty new to meditation. I've been practicing, but all my meditations last about a minute. They seem longer, but they last from about...
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