What was the most comprehensive scientific study ever undertaken to disprove astrology?

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Please describe in detail if you can. Dates and names of the studies must be mentioned. THANK YOU 🙂

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Alpha (M.O.T.U) Non-Religion

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Read the Koren. I’m sure you’ll find some valuable information in that piece of sh*t.

Down With The Illuminati

None Astrology is true and is shockingly consistent with science.

The Apostate

I’m not aware of any rigorous studies to disprove astrology, but as with any hypothesis it is up to those who promote astrology to offer evidence to support it. Scientifically, it is a rather weak hypothesis because it has not been shone to consistently make accurate predictions or explain events observed in the past.


It cannot be done. Like all pseudo-sciences, astrology makes claims that are not testable. For example, how can you prove that nobody has ESP? How can you even collect evidence that there’s no possible correlation between something in the heavens and some aspects of people’s lives?
Astrology is a pseudo-science because it doesn’t play by the rules of science. As a result, it can neither be proven nor disproven. Of course, that makes it worthless. The reason, for example, gravity is a useful scientific theory is because it tells you that things won’t fall up. Astrology doesn’t rule out anything, so it is not useful in any way.
Specific astrological claims (such as Sun signs) have been studied and found not to correlate with particular life details. But that doesn’t disprove astrology. The astrologers will argue that the scientists just did it wrong.
People born within minutes of each other show no special similarities.

under beta testing

well i know of one that doesn’t disprove of astrology but explains how so many people believe in it despite there being no evidence. it’s called forer’s effect: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forer_effect


Astrology is based on the earth being the center of the universe. That has been disproved which makes astrology rather foolish.


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