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What was the last spiritual insight you had and what did it feel like to have it?

Mine was to stop re-litigating every past choice or event that turned out to be less than perfect, and start viewing those experiences as assets rather than open wounds. Basically, I don’t need to walk backwards through life to learn from the past, and in fact walking backwards really has prevented me from learning much of anything.
When I realized this, it felt like driving a car and turning: a sudden shift in perspective.
How about you?


  1. I dreamed 2 circles were in front of me. Vibrant spinning colors pulsing with life. One was the seed of life, the other the flower of life. I was repeating a word over and over, tetrahedron. I woke up and they were still there and I was saying tetrahedron over and over. I had to look up tetrahedron. A true gamma/spiritual experience. The secret of life. *smiles*

  2. The last spiritual insight I had was something that I know God could only orchestrate. I have been going through some very hard times, my health, my hubby’s health, some family issues, etc. These things I could very well wish were not in my life. However, through this the Lord gave me a new perspective on Himself and spiritual warfare. God never promises that our lives will be easy, when we choose to serve Him. As a matter of fact, sometimes just the opposite- but He has promised that He will give us the strength and the grace to go through it, and I don’t have to worry that He will ever change. The insight was also that no matter how much stuff I am going through, He is bigger than all those things combined, and since He knows the beginning from the end, I can rest in Him. As you called it – it was a sudden shift in perspective. GREAT question

  3. A cute girl I was having an intelligent conversation with at a bar a few weeks ago went somewhat sideways on me (after how many drinks I’m not sure…) and called me a Nihilist, and intellectually arrogant.
    I thought about it afterward, and realized that she did have a point, that I had drifted closer to Nihilism and away from the Absurdism that is closest to my actual philosophy. It made me think and be more self-aware than I had been recently. In terms of feeling, it was a sense of a kind of surprise and acknowledgement, though it wasn’t uncomfortable so much as wry and accepting.
    It’s too bad she got snippy at the end – things were going well up until then – she was smart AND she was cute…

  4. Five years ago I had one of the most powerful spiritual insights ever when I realized how much of my thinking was influenced by lies. I believed a LOT of lies about myself based on abuse in my family and based on unpleasant experiences in school. I was addicted to pain pills at this time, in large part due to the misery of believing all these lies (such as “you are worthless, no one has ever or ever could love you, you will always fail….etc).
    I was going through a spiritual recovery program at this time and Jesus Christ literally OPENED up my mind to see things in a different way. When I realized these were actual lies binding me like invisible mental cords I felt something like a huge SNAP inside my thinking that brought me immediate and increasing freedom. I had been in a spiritual bondage to these lies for amost 50 years, yet I found myself able to stop perpetuating the failures of these lies and able to grasp and live by what God says is true about myself. It has had profound positive effects on my spiritual life with God and my emotional/social life with family and friends.

  5. Yesterday while I was on the train, I was thinking about all the dumb choices I’ve ever made, but where I used to feel regret/remorse, I didn’t this time. In fact, I was overcome with a sudden feeling of “everything is going to be alright.” I felt very giddy, and joyful, almost.
    I’m glad it’s a beautiful day.

  6. I thought long and hard about this. And I remembered this, that happened some time ago.
    It was during a time when I was pondering the word “Witch” and wondering about calling myself that, why is it important, is it really important….. I was contemplating a lot about labels.
    Anyhow, I was walking my dog Laura, and I was looking at the various plants and trees, thinking…. oh, there’s a nice oak tree…. hmmm, pretty Japanese maple….. look at the dahlias coming up and wow such roses….
    I was walking past a particularly interesting eucalyptus tree, that had a branch that was bent so that it looked like an arm bent at the elbow, with a shaggy clump of leaves positioned in exactly the right place to look like a head. It looked like a woman’s upper torso, a skeleton, and she was leaning her head on her hand.
    This peculiarity caught my attention, and I stopped to just look at it. I started to say the word “eucalyptus” but I stopped and I swear, that tree said something to me. Not with words, just like it sent me a message.
    It said, non-verbally: “we have no names.”
    I got a deep shudder and stared at it. It wasn’t a eucalyptus, and the others weren’t oak or maple or anything, to themselves. They just were.
    The insight I took from this was in connection with my ponderings about calling myself Witch, or panthesit, or anything. It isn’t what you call yourself, it is what you DO that makes you what you ARE.
    That day I went home and starte looking at what it is that I do, and knew that that is what makes me whatever I am.
    Lady M


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