What was the last spiritual awakening you experienced?

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I actually slept through it…. dam snooze button.

uncle billy

2 for 1 at the saloon 😉


Last year, watching a close friend die of lung cancer…. and watching my grandmother die due to negligence…
Both events had profound effects on me from a spiritual perspective.
OMG… I know… a serious answer… I think hell just froze over.


When Dragon woke up this morning… Oh, wait, that wasn’t spiritual…
Umm… Dragon doesn’t remember.

Judas Rabbi

Still waiting.


to day morning.


I think when my mother and brother died in the same year.

Bombs Away

It was Sunday night January 14th at church when the Lord and me had a serious talk


mine was very literally just that, and just last night. i was drifting off to sleep, and an image came to me of “someone i know just died!!!!”
in the instant it hit me, i knew who it was, but a moment later, i didn’t. it freaked me out completely. i’ve been hesitant to log on to the local news source to find out if this has actually happened. but when your question posted, that was my next search…. the local news.
now i am freakin’!


I do believe in real God things, I do. And I don’t believe that there is much of anything wasted in life if you really don’t want it to be wasted.
That said, my most recent valuable “lesson” was learning how important laughter is.
Recent illness, etc, etc, “Gone With the Wind” type of completely harrowing hospital experience, blah, blah, up hill both ways, not mental hospital but I bet they would have better meds there, OHH THE HUMANITY!!
So anyway, I am back home, frustrated, trying desperately to get my son to school on time, but I am really having trouble with MY shoes because every time I learn forward I get dizzy, gag hurl type of dizzy.
But once I was finally in the car I had to laugh about how ridiculous I must have looked in December, winter coat, white socks, dirty pink you only wear them to the mail box flip flops.
That and screaming like Stewart’s mom. get in the car, get in the car, get in the car now, if you do not get in the car right now, you are not playing playsation when you get home
Yeah, we still have PS2 at our house, I guess that’s better than 1982 Atari, that you actually still use not because you like it but because that is all that you have, you know who you are!!



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