Home Discussion Forum What was the catholic chruchs reaction to the enlightenment?

What was the catholic chruchs reaction to the enlightenment?

:S can’t find it in my history book.


  1. it was a rough road for them, but they eventually accepted that the world was not flat, nor was it the center of the universe.

  2. Not very good.
    It was nicknamed “Age of Reason”. Some of the most influential thinkers existed in this time.
    One of the things of debate was the superstition and intolerance of the Catholic Church.
    Basically, it weakened organized Christianity’s hold on people. So not good for Catholicism.
    Which is good, cause by then, Christianity had held back knowledge for centuries already.

  3. The folks above me are right… They really didn’t like it when the people started thinking for themselves and discovering the natural truths of the universe. Up till then, they had a monopoly on BS, and the people were buying it.

  4. Re: the comment about the Catholic church thinking that the earth was flat.
    The Catholic Church thought nothing of the sort. Educated people in the middle ages were perfectly well aware that the earth was round, and the Catholic churcuh never taught otherwise. The myth that they did was invented in the 19th century by an American author called Washington Irving.

  5. The enlightenment occurred first in England. Thinkers there started applying the reasoned, methodical thinking of science to social and religious questions. Voltaire visited England, and brought the Enlightenment to France when he returned. He is thought of as the Father of the French Enlightenment.
    One of the major ideas of the enlightenment is “Deism”. Deists believe that there is no “revealed truth”, so the Bible is written by men, not by God. They also believe that God created the world and then left it on its own, that He does not perform miracles. They believed Jesus was a nice man, but not the Son of God, and they didn’t believe in original sin.
    Of course, these beliefs would make the Catholic Church irrelevant and a fraud. So there was a very strong reaction from the Church. Since England was a protestant country, most of the reaction of the Catholic Church in France and Rome was in response to the French “philosophes”, including Voltaire. The Catholic church banned many of their books, and occasionally had the government authorities arrest them and throw them into prison.


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