What was standing over me? A ghost?

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A while back I was sleeping on the couch in my basement. I woke up half way through the night and saw the dark form of a woman standing over me. My vision was still really blurry because I had just awoken but at the time I thought it was my mom and so I called out to her.
The woman’s form suddenly straightened, almost like she was shocked I had woken up, and sped off towards the stairs, running past the small coffee table that was situated by the couch I was laying on. I bolted up and ran after her, still calling to her, still thinking that it was my mother, but as I ran towards the stairs I realized had fast she had moved. This basement is pretty big, and I was pretty sure my mom couldn’t have woven around the couch and up the stairs in -5 seconds. As I reached the stairs I just saw her go through the door to the second level.
I ran up the stairs, though the living room and kitchen, down the hallway and to my parents’ room, where I started banging on the door. My mom and dad both came to the door, half awake. I asked my mom why she was standing over me, and why she had run, but my mom said that she hadn’t and my dad told me to go back to bed. Confused, I made my way back to the basement and the couch that I had been sleeping on.
After a moment’s inspection I noticed that the glass of water that had been sitting on the small coffee table had spilled, creating a small pool around where it had tipped. I knew I had run around the table, and I had never gotten close enough to be able to knock the glass over. I noticed that the pair of Game Informer magazines that I had put on that table had been knocked to the ground too.
So my question to you, the Yahoo community, is this: What exactly was standing over me? How did the glass get tipped over and how did the magazines get crumpled? And has anyone else had similar experiences?
Strange stuff has been happening ever since this happened (bad dreams, sleep paralysis, animals acting up) and I’m getting scared. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The Canadian Atheist

It was your imagination.
Ghosts don’t exist in the real world.
If you honestly believe this *actually* happened to you, then I suggest professional, psychiatric help. And soon.

Since You Asked

I have literally pulled people out of dreams in that half awake state, that is how the mind works, and no, ghosts are not real. But I have actually had nightmares so scary that I woke up to find my “demons” standing over me, turned the light on, and looked them in the eye. Then I woke up, and once again, ghosts … not real.



Ms Minger

Sleep paralysis.
I once saw my mother standing at the bottom of my bed, 5 years after she’d died.
The brain is very, very good at playing tricks – especially when you’re in bed at night.
You did not see a ghost. There’s no such thing.


There are no ghosts. (except for the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit) People don’t roam the earth when they die. Since you mentioned “sleep paralysis,” animals acting up, bad dreams and now this black figure, I would guess a demonic spirit. I can’t be sure because I wasn’t there, but that is what it sounds like. I have encountered them several times, and the “sleep paralysis” thing you spoke of usually accompanies a demonic spirit. Also, I’ve seen my dog act up before around the same time I sensed an evil spirit. I know it sounds weird to you, probably, but the Bible speaks of evil or demonic spirits, so it is not just a guess with me. I have actually seen them and can feel their presence.
Are you a Christian? If you are, then you would know that evil spirits are real. Jesus cast them out of people all the time. They exist. And usually if one is a Christian, they can be “oppressed” by evil spirits. If you’re not a Christian, you can get “possessed” by evil spirits. My advice to you, if you are not a Believer, is to repent of your sins, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. That doesn’t mean the evil spirits will stop bothering you, it just means they can’t enter you.
If this ever happens again, cry out to Jesus. Use His name to ward them off. Say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave and never return.” Pray to the Lord for protection from the evil one. I’ll pray for you right now. Please think about what I said. It isn’t a joke, and I’m not trying to be funny. It’s a real thing. It’s scary, and evil spirits can possess you, if you don’t have the Lord, because we ourselves cannot defeat them, but Jesus can. They shutter at His name and they will flee.
God bless you.


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