Home Discussion Forum what was it like when you got aborted?

what was it like when you got aborted?

i recently started seeing a therapist to help me stop smoking, and she did this past-life-regression-hypnosis thing on me, and i learned that in 4 of my past lives i was aborted. she told me that that was surprisingly common. but during the hypnosis it was like i was actually there, being aborted on her $150 an hour couch. it wasn’t what i would have imagined it to be. it was like i was suddenly there and then i suddenly got tickled and then i suddenly wasn’t there.
so for everyone else out there who’s been in therapy and realized that they were aborted in a past life, what was it like for you?


  1. Past-life regression is a racket. You were under a suggestible state and she planted the idea in your mind to get you to come back for more “therapy”. Sounds like she’s planting some pretty heavy false memories so she can ‘help’ you overcome the trauma.

  2. I scream in pain as they yank me from my only hope for life. I pleaded and try to hold on- give me away instead. Don’t kill me. I thought why are you so selfish? You made a mistake and rather than be accountable I must pay for your sin? Let me live. I beg of you don’t be so cruel. I hear the screams of the millions others being cut out-millions, I can’t forget that sound. Most because someone doesn’t want to put up with the inconvenience.
    I hear someone say she has a right to do what she wants–and I am shouting but no one hears–what about my right to live? Is there no one there to speak up for the defenseless? My heart is not the same as hers. I have fingers and toes of my own. This is murder-help. I cry and a tear actually falls. Than I am gone and forgotten.

  3. I had a NDE when I was 10 & I didn’t want to come back, it was the best experience I ever had. Instead I came back to the family that never wanted me.

  4. Let’s ignore all the stupid answers you received for this question. Past Life Regression is real and it can be a great benefit in dealing with the problems we face in our current life.
    I have not experienced being aborted in a past life but I have only explored a few of my lives. It will be a different experience for each person. I imagine that the number of abortions you experienced is an indication that you were having trouble deciding on what life to choose and kept choosing and then changing your mind.
    I am sure that you have lived many more lives than 4 or even 50. If you did not experience a remembrance of any pain, that is a good thing.
    Sorry I couldn ‘t give you a personal experience. It also did not happen in the regressions I did for others.


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