Home Discussion Forum What was it like to personally be under hypnosis?

What was it like to personally be under hypnosis?

Do you remember what you felt when you were under hypnosis and what you were saying/doing? Please share details of the experience.
Thanks to all who answer! 🙂


  1. This hypnotist came up to me at an ATM and got me to tell him my PIN number, but when he snapped his fingers and said “Hot Diggity!” I came out of the trance, kicked him in the scrotum and took my money back.

  2. Yes I remembered everything. It was just like being very very very relaxed.
    I can remember everything, in fact at the time I thought to myself “um does this guy know I’m not really hypnotized? ” lol
    It’s not like they make it look on tv. You don’t cluck like a chicken.

  3. Each and every person is unique. what you experience is governed by what you expected to experience,and what kind of a word picture the hypnotist is suggesting. when you reach the point where you are capable of doing an instant induction you are for the most part in control of what you experience. the things that almost every one shares is the state of relaxation and the disassociation with the world. If that sounds a bit scary it is not! you have complete a nd total control perhaps for the first time in your life. One of the things that helps prove what I am saying is the fact very few people want to come back to full waking consciousness easily they usually have to be coaxed. all they have to do to come out of the trance state is open their eyes,and they are there.
    If you are planning on your first trip relax ,there is not only nothing to worry about but it It may be the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you.
    p.s. The hypnotist should not be asking any personal questions unless they are part of some problem you are working on. If questions are asked that you do not think are proper you simply do not answer them if the are asked a second time,I suggest that you will most certainly come out of trance and and end the session.
    stay away from stage hypnotists


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