What was Differences Between Teachings of Jesus christ and Socrates ? whom you Like more and why ?

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Jesus Christ, and his words are in the Bible.

Smooth Raven Kitty

We have documents and proofs, Socrates existed,
cannot say the same about Jesus


Jesus used parables
Socrates asked questions(which became an entire method of teaching)


I think there are a number of comparisons to be made between the two, but they are not really that similar. Both, it seems to me, tried to preach an essentially humanist doctrine within the framework of a reasonably restrictive religious society, and both were eventually executed for doing so. Socrates, however, was far more introspective in his comments on the human condition, and in his ability to use questioning, and the pretence of ignorance, to have other people expose the errors in their own thinking, and in their received wisdom, whereas Jesus was more keen to simply preach his message. Socrates used an unflinching dedication to logic and consistency (which even Plato, through whom we receive most of Socrates’ messages, was willing to abandon at times), whereas Jesus was, perhaps, a little more comfortable with accepting Plato’s ‘noble lie’ if it allowed him to get his point across.
Interestingly, both have to be read through the accounts of their lives and works as reported by others, as neither wrote any record themselves. Whereas the bias on Socrates’ words comes through his close personal friend Plato, Jesus’ is filtered through the writings of people who never met him.
In terms of wisdom, their contribution to modern thinking (as opposed to modern refusal to think), courage, and consistency, Socrates wins for me hands down.


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