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What was Confucius's mothers name and what did she die from?

I have to do a report on Confucius and I need answers!


  1. “Nothing is known about his mother, though there were later translations about her keeping with her status as the mother of a sage.”
    “The Historical Records (shih chi), in an account gives his name as Shu Liang He and identifies him as Confucius’ father.”
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  2. CONFUCIUS, the great Chinese sage, was born June 19th, 551 B.C. at Shang-ping, in the country of Lu. His own name was K’ung, but his disciples called him K’ung-fu-tse, (i.e. K’ung the Master, or Teacher,) which the Jesuit missionaries Latinized into Confucius. His father died when Confucius was only three years of age, but he was very carefully brought up by his mother, Yan-she, and from his earliest years, displayed an extraordinary love of learning, and veneration for the ancient laws of his country.
    The death of his mother, which occurred in his 23rd year, gave occasion to the first solemn and important act of Confucius as a moral reformer. The solemnity and splendor of the burial ceremony with which he honored her remains.
    (Because in these early years of history women were not as important as men, very little is known about her or what caused her death.)
    He shut himself up in his house to pass in solitude the three years of mourning for his mother, the whole of which time he dedicated to philosophical study.
    (This tells us that he was close to his mother therefore she probably had a great influence on his life. His mother is credited with the ‘love of learning’ she instilled in him as a young boy. From this we might draw the conclusion that she herself was educated although that probably is not true since the family was poor.)


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