Home Discussion Forum What value do you find in the philosophy of different religions?

What value do you find in the philosophy of different religions?

What kinds of interesting ideas do you see in various religions? For instance Taoism states that by trying to control our surrounding we often cause more chaos.
So by philosophy I mean things that do not involve the divine. Instead I want to know what religions do you find to have interesting views on human nature, the cause of suffering, etc.


  1. The value of seeking answers is evidence of an open mind. Congratulations! When you accept any system of dogma and reject the rest, you stop learning. Keep looking.

  2. I like Sikhism teachings. Rejection of all forms of blind rituals such as fasting, religious vegetarianism, pilgrimages, superstions, yoga, as well as any form of idol worship. Normal Family life (Grasth) is encouraged, celibacy or renunciation of the world is not necessary to achieve salvation. The devotee must live in the world yet keep his mind pure. He must be a soldier, a scholar, a saint. Sikhism rejects all distinctions of caste, creed, race or sex.
    And above all, Sikhism stressed on the full equality of women, rejecting female infanticide, sati (wife burning), permitting widow remarriage and rejects purdah (women wearing veils).

  3. I’ve got something of a patchwork quilt of philosophies. Your Taoism example is a good one. I also like their philosophy of going with the natural flow of all things rather than against it.
    I also like the idea of a philosophical journey, as in Siddhartha or The Alchemist. It’s not what lies in the end that will define who we are – it is the journey. I especially like that in both examples, the journey isn’t a simple affair. It takes time, and in a world of instant gratification (I’m just as guilty as the next guy), that’s a calming thought.
    Among many other things, I love Christianity’s parables for the same reason. Relatively simple stories give great philosophical answers and questions. Not every answer in Christianity is an easy one to comprehend, and that in itself is an interesting point. Life does not always have simple black and white answers, as much as we desire them.
    And last, but definitely not least, I think any philosophy that teaches us that goodness is something to be strived fo is a good one.

  4. I see that all religions at the core, try to lead people to understand that God is within. To know God is to know yourself. And vise versa. But they also advocate the idea that they have the key to unlock your own knowledge, you already have the knowledge and nobody can experience God for you.

  5. Religion and philosophy are two different things. Philosophy is based on facts, as any science. Religion is based on fantasies.

  6. I like what you mentioned about controlling our enviornment, there was a story behind it but I can’t remember which faith it was,
    it was about a great king along time ago when people didn’t wear shoes who ruled a big city. he was very annoyed that everytime he went out,his feet were painful & he had to tread on stones & thorns etc..so he ordered that the whole city be carpeted! but a wise man went to see him & told him: why don’t we make carpeted shoes instead, that way wherever you go, you’ll have carpet under your feet! the king loved his idea & agreed & so the problem was solved!
    it’s very similiar to what you mentioned that when we control our own life & not others lives & donot blame others for our peoblems, we’re much more likely to succeedd..
    I liked what Yoda said in Star Wars (although a religion to some people I believe!!):
    “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”


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