HomeDiscussion ForumWhat value do you find in the philosiphy of different religions?

What value do you find in the philosiphy of different religions?

What kinds of interesting ideas do you see in various religions? Personally, I find taoism to be a rather interesting philosophical idea.


  1. i find it interesting, that at the core of many religions, deep within, are the same principles, how to live a better life, treat others well, and be respectful of the spirit and body you have been given, to concentrate of living this life well, and you will be shown what you need, it is people who take the basic teachings and add to them so much, interpret them so much, that they seem to lose their main focus , then the focus becomes more on where you are going, but not the journey to get there, it also amazes me that many feel there is only one way to God or one spiritual path, of course they think it is their way
    i also like taoism, i am a Unitarian Universalist, and accept each individuals personal path, for them, as long as they do not try to force it on others

  2. They’re fundamentally all about the same thing; the nature of the relationship between being and reality. They just offer different methods for achieving a state of unity with god/reality – the meeting place of mind/matter, psychology and physics.
    Explore and compare them all or choose one that is in sync with your way of thinking and worldview.

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