What valid arguments can be made against the validity of the tenets of theosophy?

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This question also applies to any of the many branch organizations of theosophy, such as the Summit Lighthouse, the I AM movement, etc. I ask because, in studying theosophy through online sources, I’ve found many sources of pro-theosophical discourse, but relatively few sources which have argued against the beliefs of the movement.
Look up “theosophy” on wikipedia if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Rather interesting read, if you’re into this sort of thing.

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It appears theosophy was partly developed by Blavatsky. Hmmm…she was a big time lucifarian. Sorry, I don’t dig anything founded/developed by her!
Try #212, Hidden Agendas. I think that’s the one where Dr. Veith mentions her.


Theosophy is a belief that all religions are attempts to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth.
From a Christian point of view, Theosophy:
+ Is a form of Pantheism
+ Denies a personal God
+ Denies personal immortality
+ Recognizes no free-will
+ Presents no evidence or proof of its teachings
With love in Christ.

Golden Sun

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