What us a incubus vampire with sanguine and psi traits?






I was courious on just what is a incubus vampire with sanguine and psi traits is? Because i was looking on the net and when i type in just what i was looking for i got nothing to really answer my question. So can anyone who has any real knowledge on this question please help, it will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Incubus isn’t a vampire but a demon, which preys on sleeping
    woman and impregnates females, which will birth another Incubus. Incubus is the opposite to the Succubus which is the female version, which kills the male after it has been seduced till it has expended all it’s energies on her.
    Check a Website called http://www.vampgirl.com
    Sanguine = Blood and Psi = Emotion, thoughts and the like.

  2. I’m not sure about the psi traits, but an incubus is an creature (vampire or not but that is the most common example) that is male that prays on women. They are supposed to entrance them, usually with their sexuality, and steal their life force. The word sanguine usually means passionate, ruddy in complexion, or sometimes bloodthirsty which is I think the most pertinent to your question.

  3. well, i guess an incubus vampire would be one that is very sexual. probably seduces women or men very easily. besides being overly attractive he is probably very seductive. and sanguine —means something like very optimistic, likes to be around poeple, stands out. they get along with people easily.perfect example (the handsome jock on the football team that is so hot but not the brightest apple of the bunch) this is just an guess from what i read.and psi, probably means he has psychokinetic abilities. ——–just a guess.

  4. Hello I am Anakhsatammon. I am a vampire. I am sanguinarian, Psychic, empathic, elemental and sexual feeder. I dont believe in separate types, I believe we all need to feed all ways. First an incubus is a male sexual vampire. In this persons mind have sanguine means they get blood cravings and is a blood feeds sometimes and psi means they are psychic or psionic vampire. In his mind the sang and psi symtoms are lesser than his sexual needs and he gets those when he doesnt feed sexually. any questions pop on im and send me a message and we can talk.

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