what u do mean by kundalini ? what is the relation between yoga and kundalini ?

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yoga guru.

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I dont know what it means.. haha


Spiritual awakening gained by doing yoga…comes through the spine…be careful though…

a stranger

Kundalini in Sanskrit literally means “coiled up”. Kundalini is envisioned as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine…
It consists of Chakras and Nadis…
The human body is composed of chakras in different places in our body as follows:
Muladhara : lower body
Swadhisthana : reproductive parts
Manipura :navel
Anahata : heart
Vishuddha : throat
Ajna : eyebrow or forehead
Sahasrara : top of head
Nadis are channels through which energies of the body are said to flow…they connect to the chakras…
Each chakra corresponds to different traits o a person depending on how much it is opened…if the throat chakra is opened, the person has a clear voice…if ajna chakra is open, he has very good intelligence, etc…
Yoga helps in awakening the Kundalini…i.e. it opens up the chakras and hlps energies flow through the nadis…


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