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what types of powers should a witch have?

I want to make a movie idea about a girl that’s a witch and I would like to know any ides that the girl could use other than witch craft. for example any other supernatural powers. If you guys have any talented ideas plaese tell me because I want to use more than just witch craft and a broomstick. I want it to seem a little real


  • She needs to have a familiar, such as a cat or a crow. This creature is used to do her spying and reconissance, and she is able to communicate with the animal.

    She should be a skilled herbalist, and able to create healing potions as well as spells.

    To me a more interesting character, consider leaving a rather grey line between the idea of good and evil. For example, show a situation where where she uses her witch skills to help someone in dire need. Perhaps she mixes up an abortificant for a young woman who has an untimely pregnancy, or she heals a hunter who breaks a leg.

  • The more subtle you can keep her “powers” the better. A pound of mystery is worth 10 tons of special effects.

  • She should be able to mix herbs together for healing purposes or be able to read Tarot cards or runes. She could also dowse – that’s when you take a small pendulum and ask yes or no questions. If it goes up & down that’s yes, side to side means no.

    Those are things modern day witches do anyway. Broomsticks are mainly used to clear away energies, not to fly. Hope that helps.

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