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What types of friends are considered Negative Energy?

So like friends that do drugs, that get into alot of fights? or what?
And is it also friends that make you feel bad (sad or angry)?


  1. Abusive, racists, clingy, soul-sucking, whining, addictive, attitude-esque, those with bad reps etc.
    Everyone has bad traits, but a negative energy person takes those to extreme.

  2. mean ones…not neccassarly the drug ones because you are your own person and should be able to make your own decisions wisely, but if you can’t then yeah they are a bad infleunce.
    most of my friends friends drink and even come to my house to hang out and drink, but i don’t.
    so it’s really depends on whether or not you can say no.
    peer pressure is hard though so be careful.

  3. People can still do drugs and get into fights without projecting negative energy.
    When you say someone has a negative energy it means they put you down. They often discourage you to do something you like doing. They say you are not good enough for something. They make you feel bad about yourself. They make you feel downright dirty after spending time with them. They make you feel like you want to blow up the entire world after they ruin your entire day with a round of put downs. They are typically the folks that will say you are not capable of anything and look down upon you for doing things they cant do. These are the people that would get mad if you tried to become a better person.
    Friends are supposed to make you feel good. If they make you feel bad, angry or sad they are only friends because you allow them to be. You should honestly find new friends if that is the case.

  4. Friends that lower your self-esteem. Examples may include: criticism of your interests and personality, non-verbal communication ( i.e. body language etc.). There is alot more.
    But, in essence, it lowers your self-confidence. If you have friends that give you negative energy, I suggest you look for friends that are positive and raise your esteem.

  5. Basically what you said. ‘Negative Energy” friends just make your day horrible and bring a lot of bad out of you. They’re always getting caught up in the wrong kinda mess and they try to persuade you to be just like them. They are the kinda friends your parents don’t like. Those are the people you can look at and immediately know that their life is going to be just one big wreck.

  6. The people you suround your self with directly reflect who you are.
    If some one makes you feel bad they are only doing that to make them selves feel better. These people suck.
    Be nice to your self. Pay attention to your gut feeling about people, usually you will be right!
    Oh and change the expression on your avatar it gives me a bad vibe.

  7. Friends that are considered negative energy are those who:
    Are constantly around or in conflict and want to get you involved in it as well.
    Talk about you behind your back to other people
    Make commitments but never live up to or take ownership for them.

  8. ummmm. good question really it depends on what you think is right or wrong most of the people with ‘NEGATUVE ENERGY’ are in a bad place there selves so thery will try there best to drag you down with them normally negative friends can try and get you in trouble, they sometimes bully due to insecurities.

  9. Hi Jack
    Exactly wot uv said. Also people who suck the life out of u b/c of their negativity, whining, self-absorption, bitchiness, attention seeking. But I think negativity and doom and gloom is the worst, it really does drain yr emotional well being, so if u can stay away from people like that. It will probably take u a while to find out what everyone is like that u come across in life but eventually u will
    Luv Magsxx

  10. sure
    1: friends that do alotta fightins
    2:trouble makers
    3:who makes you feel bad
    4:who talks about their friends infront of you cause believe me they will be talkin about you behind your back too
    5: who dont lsn to you when your upset
    6:who makes you feel bad about yourself ,true friends must believe in you
    things like dat

  11. The energy situation can only be corrected by you..Negative and positive energy that you send out returns to you seven fold..If you seem to attract negative situations, stop sending out negative energy. Putting out more positive energy will also help your problem..

  12. Yes negativity is when u have a friend and when they call you just never nothing good comes out of their mouth. I stop speaking to this person for 2 months because of this then my anniversary came up and this person sends a texts to me saying happy birthday which is was not my birthday but it was a nice gesture. We started back talking again then her old ways creeped back in she texted me and because I didn’t respond back in a timely matter her negative energy came right back out the same reason I left her alone before. So I respond back with some thoughts of my own not mean thouths and of course she all ways take things the wrong way. So she brought the negativity out of me and then throws it back on me sayin that I’m negative. So once again I’m done with this person u can not help some one that doesn’t want help that was the last straw I can’t deal with it anymore its like a vampire that just sucks the life out of you every time u here her voice never nothing good. I have bad dayz but I never drag ppl down with me. That’s just my thoughts.


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