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What type of tree did Buddha sit under when he had his epiphany?

I heard he sat underneath a boy (bow) tree. Any ideas?


  1. http://www.greatcom.org/resources/areadydefense/ch25/default.htm
    Deep in meditation, he reached the highest degree of God-consciousness, known as nirvana. He supposedly stayed under the fig tree for seven days. After that, the fig tree was called the bodhi, or the bo tree, the tree of wisdom. The truths he learned he would now impart to the world, no longer as Siddhartha Gautama, but as the Buddha, the enlightened one.
    When the Buddha emerged from his experience under the bo tree, he met with five monks who had been his companions. It was to these monks that the Buddha began his teaching ministry with the sermon at Benares. The sermon contained the following:

  2. You can still visit Bodhgaya today, they now have an airport and you can fly direct or take an overnight train from New Delhi. The 4 “monks” were other princes that were aesthetics with Buddha for 7 years prior to Buddha’s enlightenment, actually when Buddha found the “middle way” these friends actually thought Buddha had “lost the plot” and went the wrong way. It was after Buddha’s enlightenment that they became the first monks… not before. There were other events as well, such as the children by the river, and one was a young girl who brought Buddha sweet rice to eat because he had denied himself food for such a long time, and also the water buffalo boy… but anyway… after Buddha went to Sarnath, Deer Park, that is about a 2 hour car ride from Bodhgaya to teach the Four Noble Truths, which is the “first turning of the wheel of Dharma” and is a Buddhist holiday. Oh, yes, and the figs are very, very small about the size of a dress shirt button, not the big kind that are used in fig newtons. Anyway, thought the extra details might help.
    See, Old Path, White Clouds… stories of Buddha’s life.


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