HomeDiscussion ForumWhat type of super natural powers do Amethyst gemstone.?

What type of super natural powers do Amethyst gemstone.?

Hi, I was wondering what type of special powers or healings can a Amethyst gemstone do for someone, espacialy if you were born in Feurary. Antype of information on like, birth stones, healings, special powers…


  1. the powers do not emit from a crystal, it is from your own mind, and body.. it is called chi gung, if u get a chance u should look into it..

  2. Amethyst is used for protection, purification, Divine connection and release of addictions.. Its element is Air.. and is used on the following Chakras— Third eye (6th), Crown (7th) and the Etheric (8th and beyond, above the head).. It was used on the breast plate of the High Priest of Israel ( it was said to be the 9th stone) It vibrates to the # 3…It is a member of the quartz family and has a hardness of #7… Amethyst comes from a Greek word meaning “not drunken”.. Amyethyst has been prized for its beauty and legendary energies for thousands of years.. Neolithic people in Europe used it at least as early as 25,000 B.C…Early Greeks and Roman societies placed high value on it too and was viewed as a stone of royalty, used in crowns ,sceptres and rings of bishops..I would be here for a week typing all the info I have on it out..(Astrological Signs of Pisces,Virgo, Aquarius & Capricorn.. Hope this gives you some insight on the beauty of this stone.. Love and Light.. Blessed Be.. )O(

  3. Hi! I was born in February too…in 26 Febr. and i’m a pisces and i can tell you that Amethyst is a perfect stone for pisces…I don’t have one…i only have a rose quartz but tomorrow i am going to buy one lol. Amethyst is a very strong crystal, actually it is a quartz crystal (purple quartz) and it’s very recomended in openning the third eye chakra…it enhances pshychic abilities and it’s excellent for meditation.It protects you from danger and from black magic.One thing is certain.I love this crystal and i can’t wait till i buy one..
    Oh and another thing…It is said that the water in which is held a clean amethyst(after is purified) has benefic efects on u…it also can be used on plants to make them grow better…If you have spiritual thoughts then certainly this is the right crystal for u!

  4. Amethyst is a protective stone. It prevents psychic attack to the wearer.
    Amethyst was used for centuries in europe under the pillow of childred to prevent the children from having night mares and night terrors.
    The person who said it was chi gung (often spelled chi kung or qigong) was completely wrong. I am a zhan Zhuang Qigong master.
    The amethyst does contain ch’i but does not practise qigong.

  5. hello i was born i febuary and it feels cool knowing how strong my birthstone i wonder if i could have the power amethyst


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