What type of religion / spirituality does astrology fit in to?

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Is it part of paganism or psychic stuff, or something on it’s own?
Is it a religion, science, or something else?

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Astrology is just nonsense.


Greek mythology


Spiritualism, also called spiritism.


Try mythology


the BS category


Greek pagan

Brenda M

None that I know of.

Lori J

I am not sure what all types it may fit into, but it fits into Wicca.


astrology is the study of the universe, the universe which is created by an almighty God, of course it fits Christianity.

phlegm noir

You can just lump all of those ideas together: Religion, spirituality, astrology, magic, telekinesis, ESP….it’s all rubbish.

bill l



Astology is a science apperently. Alot of people call it a *pseudo* science./fake


It is in all religions. Where do you think the fish symbol of Jesus comes from. The messiah in the age of Pisces. 🙂
The bible is packed with such things, for example, the three wise men are also known as Orion’s belt. That point to a star called Bethlehem. Coincidence. ?, I don’t think so. lol
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

Servant Leader

False religions.

Stephanie Nicole



Christianity. The wise men from the east that followed a star to see Jesus. That star was located in a minor constellation of Virgo (the virgin). Astrology is about Jesus, the entire story starts with the virgin birth and ends with his return as the Lion or leo. That is why the Sphinx has the head of virgo and tail of leo…its an ancient bookmark to show the beginning and end of the star story.


It’s mythology, not a religion and most certainly not a science.
Keep in mind that astrology is based on several things we now know to be absolutely false:
— that the earth is the center of the universe
— that the stars are “fixed” and stationary, and not very far away
— that there are 7 “planets” (including the moon and the sun) that all circle the earth
— that these “planets” are close enough to influence our lives
Though some people have “adapted” astrology to the more modern scientific astronomy findings, it’s still based on those proven-wrong mythical ideas, and has been proven absolutely to have no basis in fact. Yet still so many people believe in it…why? Because they *want* some external force (stars and planets) to have control over their lives rather than having their own control?

Skeptic Sage

Astrology is the study of the stars. It is a science used in the ancient world to track the seasons, predict the weather, and use that info to plant and harvest their crops, as well as marking their religious festivals. The old Pagan religions were developed based on this science. The Mythology behind it varied from one religion to another. Basically, the constellations were personified and stories with morals were created.
I bet the people who claim that it’s nonsense know little to nothing about it. Astrology is more than just the horoscopes you read in the paper every morning. All religions including Xianity derived some, if not all of their stories and traditions to Astrological Mythology.


Well, actually God calls it witchcraft, and condemns those who practice it….


HUH?????????????? all of it!


It is NOT part of Wicca. There may be some Wiccans who like members of other religions practice astrology, but is is NOT part of the religion.


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