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What type of person in your mind/definition would be someone who has a scary aura?

And thus supposedly has alot of disturbing stuff going on in their minds?
Would someone who is happy-go-lucky most of the time fit in that description or not?
(A friend and I were debating this and I’m curious what your responses are)


  1. i think someone like marilyn manson is the perfect example

  2. The neighbors of serial killers always say “He seemed like such a nice, friendly young man”. Priests molest boys, Teachers sleep with students. So I would imagine that you may never know a “disturbed” person, even if you were talking to him/her. The people whom make their “issues” obvious, in my opinion, do it for attention.

  3. I would think murderers,rapists etc would have a scary aura- not the happy go lucky person – there’s would just be yellow.

  4. If they glow red, have horns or a tail, their head spins, or they routinely spider/crab walk down the stairs…. You should probably figure they have “a scary aura”.

  5. If your sick, or have a fever, your aura would be mangled together..I”m guessing…

  6. Well, what definitely scares me at least a little is what I like to call Over-exaggerated Enthusiasm…
    Quite honestly, it scares me only by… a lot….
    Who am I talking about? The people that can make a reply to any given situation, even a horrible one, and still sound almost excited about it.
    Unless, of course, it is Trevr of Whitest Kids U’ Know… in which case, it can be kind of funny… but that’s because it’s a comedy sketch and not real life.

  7. People with the most distrubing stuff going on in their minds are usually the ones that look most normal and hence undetectable. Adding to the examples that Down Side mentioned, molesters are usually close family or trusted friends.
    To me people who have scary auras are people who seem SO perfect. Perfect mothers ALWAYS scare me – the ones that make it seem so easy and that they’re a perfect wife and the best mother and nothing ever goes wrong. And it scares me when these kinds of people react weirdly (for example by not reacting at all) in situations where a normal person would be shocked or scared. I dont’ know if I’m explaining it right…but yeah…that’s what i think.

  8. Well, the only time I’ve encountered someone with a “scary aura” was when I chased a purse snatcher through a parking lot, and he hopped into a passenger seat of a car. There was a big guy in the driver’s seat, and stared me square in the eye about a dozen feet away or so. I thought for sure if I continued chasing then I’d be shot or something, so I stopped.
    If someone has a scary aura to you, try to think about what else it could be. Could it be that the person is simply distrustful and that it’ll take time to warm up to them?
    To answer the question asked within the question, though, I don’t believe happy-go-lucky people are scary. They’re normally not hiding anything. Let their personality rub off on you and have a good time!

  9. No ‘one’ person really scares me. If I would have to say though, a scary person to me is someone I can’t analyze, read, or get the reasoning behind what makes them the way they are. More or less it’s a person with so much anger it’s a constant diversion.


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