What type of meditation was Thich Quang Duc practicing when he set himself on fire?

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I know it is some form of Buddhist meditation, but which one was he using? Thanks.

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Apparently it was the highly flammable kind.


I don’t know what type of Buddhist he was, but the last thing he said was, “Homage to the Amitabha Buddha.” So he was probably a Pure Land Buddhist, but he could have been Thien (Vietnamese Zen). If he was Thien, he was probably practicing zazen.


He was raging against the machine.


Keeping in mind that I am not Thich Quang Duc, but I would imagine that more than likely he was first using single-pointed mediation, followed by being fully mindful, and perhaps a little yoga or tantra practice as well. Just my 2 cents and NO, please don’t actually try it yourself! (if that is what you were thinking)



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