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What type of mantra or image can I use for meditation?

What mantra, image, etc. would be most beneficial in beginning meditation? What thoughts/feelings should be connected to it, what should the nature of it be?
I want to begin meditation but I have no specific religious convictions or philosophies behind it, and I won’t be practicing with any other person or guide…. so, what would you suggest I use for a mantra, specifically to aid in concentration and to get the most out of the experience?


  1. The Image of the Cross and Jesus’ sacrifice made for us. That’s the only thing you should be mediating on. Grace and peace to you..

  2. Hi,
    there are 2 types of meditation pratices. The first one, uses images, mantras, prayers or paying attention to the breathing. The idea is to quiet down the mind. Find any thing you like.
    The second practice is to watch and look at things inside. Instead of being entangled with the tought process, being in your head only You direct your attention inside the body, feels the muscles, nerves, state of mind and emotions. This is vipassana, mindfulness. The first technique is samata or concentration. There are good books to help you .


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