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What type of Kabbalah don't believe in reincarnation?


  1. Authentic Kabbalah does not include any beliefs and there is no requirement of believing anything. Kabbalah is a method which allows a person to build additional senses within them self by which they can perceive ever greater portions of reality. Kabbalists who have attained the whole picture within them self describe a purposeful creation with a goal of becoming similar to the Creator and adhesion with Him. In order for us to achieve this goal we must have the experience of many lives in separation from holiness which helps a person develop according to their desire the understanding and knowledge between what is true and what is false. This is a method which is open to every person who needs to understand their purpose and to see for them self the true reality and where and how true fulfilment enters in to stay.
    Some links on Kabbalists view of reincarnation:

  2. You wrote to me and asked for my answer, so this is the best I can offer since I am not a Kabbalist. I am Jewish and know just enough about it from reading a few books for the layman on the topic by real Kabbalists and knowing enough about Torah itself that I can often recognize the phony Kabbalah easier than I could explain things about Kabbalah I have not studied. I’m not going to give you the impression I’m an expert on this at all..I am not.
    However, in a decade online, and in Y/A I’ve met DOZENS of people who claim to be Kabbalists who often give information that is obviously at odds with Torah so that alone tells me they’re not Kabbalists.
    Your question is posed as if you believe there is more than one “type” of Kabbalah.
    For the Jewish religion, there is only one Kabbalah, and it has nothing to do with the New Ager mish mash or Kabbalah Center fad with it’s superstitious red string bracelets. Kabbalah isn’t a separate religion or elief system as Madonna tells in interviews..or as books you can pick up in the bargain bin at Books a Million will tell you on their covers.
    Kabbalah is advanced Torah study into the deepest meaning of the Torah and it’s mystical meanings…it isn’t for the layman. It is only taught individually by one Kabbalist to the student who has demonstrated the prerequisite knowledge AND level of maturity and responsiblity.
    There are texts that are written for the layman that may help you with specific concepts and I would suggest finding the books written by Aryeh Kaplan and Gershom Scholem.
    If you are not fluent in the Torah in Hebrew and in Gematria..you’re not ready to begin the study to be a Kabbalist. I am not a Kabbalist for several reasons. My Hebrew isn’t good enough, I don’t know Gematria and quite frankly, the more mystical aspects of Judaism don’t interest me as much as Tikkun Olam draws me to it.
    See the first link below for a good explanation of Torah/Kabbalah and reincarnation.

  3. I cannot add anything to this that Mama Pajama has not already answered (and very well I may add).
    Kabbalah that is around today would not be recognized by the original and true Kabbalists. Madonna and the Celebrity Kabbalah Center have nothing to do with real Kabbalah.


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