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What type of hypnosis do people who hypnotize big crowds do?

I know they put pressure or something on the people, but what is the name for it? I want to know how to do it. For those who say hypnosis isn’t real, I believe that in the sense of the word it is. I know you can’t make someone do ANYTHING but you can make them do some things.


  1. Very often, these “hypnosis” have to do with inspiring, motivating and sometimes even instilling fear, reaching the very core being of the audience to act in a way that results in their fulfillment.
    This requires having excellent emotional intelligence to be able to know what buttons to push in people to make them do the things you want them to do.
    This also means that the power of hypnosis can be developed into an extremely powerful tool to heavily influence others as well as to conquer your own fears such as smoking and weight loss etc.
    Hope that helps.

  2. The technique is refered to as phrasing. ev erything depends on the speach writer. the phrase must must make sense by it self,then comes a pause and then another phrase etc. an example would be–My friends,
    and you are my friends
    we find our selves at a point
    where we must act
    as a group
    not as rabble.
    by pausing, the speaker controls his breathing and quickly the crowd starts adopting his rythem. he soon has the group in a light trance.the writer can add words that deepens the trance and then the suggestion.

  3. When a person hypnotize a crown of people it is called covert hypnosis (the person or persons dont realize they are being hypnotized)
    The hypnotizer is able to achieve this by planding hypnotic suggestions into an ordinary conversation, if they are performing a speach for example.
    I you for exampe want a crowd of people to all raise their right hand up in perfect unison when you said the word “raise”.
    You can achieve this by planting lots of discreet suggestions within your speech that would associate the word “raise” with the lifting of one’s right hand. These suggestions would seep into the subconscious of all those listening to you.
    When you then instruct them to raise their hand they will be compelled to do so


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