What type of clothes should I use to meditate or for yoga purposes?

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I was told that I need some specific Zen clothes or Yoga clothes. But I read that normal clothes is ok. Any great suggestions would be appreciated? What about a nice japanese kimodo? Would that help? Thanks.

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Anything comfortable and non restricting. Some people prefer nude.


nope you don’t. You just need something comfortable. Really tight jeans are not a good idea.


clean and you need to be freshly showered comfortable clothing like PJ’s or loose fitting so you will be able to constrate on meditating instead of being clothing uncomfortable


anything that is comfortable for meditation. The idea is to be less distracted by uncomfortable clothes. Yoga can be pretty active, but comfortable is important there, too


I took a Kundalini yoga class. We did lots of meditation. It can be done in normal clothes, I always picked comfy, normal clothes. I know if you wear white and cover your head, it’s supposed to be more affective… but I can’t remember exactly why, I think because it helped your aurea (spelling?).


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