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What training is needed to be a legitimate massage therapist w/Reiki, Shiatsu, aromatherapy,etc?

Just curious as to where one could get training for this, do you need to be certified and where would you go to get this training? Are there schools for this? Thanx everyone!


  1. It varies from state to state,but most states have a massage therapy board set up to license massage therapists who have completed the necessary training at a massage school. You might want to check with your state’s board of Health & Hospitals, if you can’t find any massage schools or massage boards in your state.

  2. A massage therapy degree is usually offered by a hollistic college. Google to find one near where you live. It will be a three or four year couse.
    Reiki is usually taught over a weekend and is very inexpensive. Again, google. If you want certification in aromatherapy you can probably do this online.
    To be honest, a Reiki practitioner will make just as much money as a massage therapist and the training is a lot less expensive.

  3. To be a massage therapist you will need to go to massage school. It is usually a year or less training. To do Reiki it is a weekend workshop. Some states make you get a massage license to do Reiki and some don’t so you will have to check with your state.
    Shiatsu is usually like a 1-2 year program to do it right. Some shiatsu schools will incorporate the stuff you need to know to take your massage licensing exam and get your massage license.
    Aromatherapy doesn’t have any licensing but if you are going to apply oils to the skin through massage you will need to get a massage license. Aromatherapy can be as simple as reading a book or taking a 2 year class if you really want to specialize it it and know what you are really doing.

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