Home Discussion Forum What topics could i use for a research paper on hypnosis?

What topics could i use for a research paper on hypnosis?

I need a topic that would cover roughly 5-10 pages on hypnosis, any help?


  1. Why are some people more easily hypnotized than others?
    What keeps some people from being hypnotized at all?
    How does the brain react when hypnotized?
    Does a hypnotized person react positively to all suggestions, or do they stop at those which are morally repugnant (such as murder, theft, etc)?

  2. I am in the same boat as you however my reserach paper is due next week! I don’t know if yours is too, but how bout what it does to your brain? Or how it works? Or both? Don’t make it too general though, my teacher ragged on everyone for making it too general.. Maybe you could look at my question and help me out too? (that is not why I answered this btw if you were thinking it! )

  3. Hyponsis for health: weight loss, stopping smoking.
    Hyponsis for therapy: psychology
    History of hypnosis
    Hyponsis myths: making people rob banks, commit suicide, be slaves, etc.
    Hypnosis in fiction or movies

  4. Seeing as it has not been proven yet that it actually works, most books and websites focus on the history of hypnosis, rather than current practices and effects. So I would recommend doing a paper on the history of hypnosis. Here’s some links to get you started:
    But…if you find history to be a bit boring (as I do), another possible topic might be methods of hypnosis. Some of these “treatments” can be pretty wacky and it might be interesting to do something on them. Once again, links:
    Or maybe its effects on the brain
    And just some sites to help you in general:
    Hope this helped!

  5. There are 2 types of clients: ones who are physically suggestible and emotionally suggestible. There is a questionnaire in a book by John Kappas that determines this. The suggestibility questionnaire basically tells the hypnotherapist how the client learns. Typically, emotional suggestible clients are analytical, question everything and hate to be told what to do. In a hypnosis session, they appear to look as if they are not hypnotized. Physically suggestible clients do look hypnotized (ie. head drops, arms are relaxed etc., and take direct suggestions easier.


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