What to you all use as motivation to get up early enough to do Tai-Chi?

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I was wondering if there are any trick to getting up early
enough to do some Tai-Chi while the energies are still right?
I have a strong interest in inner alchemy and Taoism, but I am to lazy
to do anything.
I do go to Karate twice a week, but is not the same.
What do you guys get that push for that early morning dan-tein stuff?

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David N

You could always try going to bed earlier!

Mista U

By needing motivation to get up, you’ve already lost the game my friend. At least you admit you’re lazy. Martial arts is 90% mental 10% psychical, set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier if you have to, but just make a conscious decision to DO IT. And do it until it becomes a habit.


A fat joint and a shot of Jack Daniels in the morning get the energies flowing right like you would not believe. Do this and you will look like David Carradine in no time.


First of all make sure ur learning from a good instructor that also teaches the martial aspects of Tai Chi. There is so set time for soneone to practice Tai Chi. Most people practice Tai Chi in the morning so they can get it out of the way and take care of whatever it is they do the rest of the day. It doesnt matter when u practice as long as u practice. When u practice between 4-7 in the afternoon u should notice u gather more chi during that time of the day.
Tai Chi is a MA that needs to be practiced everyday to maintain and slowly develop internal strength. When u miss 1 or 2 days ull spend a few days playing cath up to the point u stopped. Ull notice a difference in ur energy levels the day after u dont practice. Like i said it doesnt matter what tine u practice as long as u practice daily.
Good luck


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