"What to the religions of Atheism and Mubukatakkatoo Shamanism have in common?"?

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Churches – Athiest = www.churchoffreethought.org, www.hcof.org
Creed – Atheist -http://jesusneverexisted.org/jne/forum/i…
Denominations – Atheist – See Dawkins denomination system
Self proclaimed Evangelists – Atheist- www.samharris.org
Common belief system – Atheists agree in our non-belief.
Faith – Atheist – We dont have all the answers and we have faith in the evidence to come.
Fundies -Atheist – See R/S regulars, especially those who deny our religion.
US Federal Court rulings that both are religions – Atheism – Kaufman v. McCaughtry, US Seventh Circuit Court, 8/19/2005
Dogma – Atheist – http://the-reality-check.com/Dogma.html, and bald is a hair color, etc.
What else do these religions have in common
For Phoenix.

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Oh boy…
We’re all people.
P.S. Atheism still isn’t a religion.

God is in a good mood !

LOL – you’ll do anything for Phoenix, wont you?


Is this what you are now reduced to? Trying to prove that Atheism is a religion?
Why don’t you just wear a sign on your chest that says.
Hi- I’m Looney.

Anonymous #265

Go away, little troll

Circle Takes The Square

Amazingly, Mubukatakkatoo Shamanism isn’t even a real religion. I checked!


I suppose they have the same things in common as the religions of McDonalds and Burger King.
McDonald’s: quarter pounder
Burger King: whopper

Michael K

What the f*** are you going on about this time? By definition, atheism isn’t a religion and has no formal churches.

The Uncanny Inanimate Phoenix

LMAO. Okay, that was awesome.

Cute Little Puppy!

Why do you pretend to be an atheist? Doesn’t lying make baby Jesus cry?


I will type this slowly so you can understand it.
Atheism means no belief. Atheism is not a religion. Religion required belief without evidence. Atheism requires evidence.

Marc P

paladins beat shamans 9/10

Scarlet Angel Of Beauty & Purity

That lovely red corset did it. Phoenix have an admirer!

Heir of Expectancy

(Seriously considers EddieJ for a senior advisory post in his forthcoming dictatorship)


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