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What to put in a book of shadows?

I’ve been trying to learn Wicca for a while, but I’m still a bit confused about what actually goes in a book of shadows. I know it’s a sort of journal, but what’s actually written in it?


  1. A book of shadows is private, unless you want to share it with others you trust. It is for your personal spells, meditations and other magical workings you choose to use. It can include the words you use, directions on casting your spell, ingredients used, etc…personalize it for you, add artwork, or pictures of what you are using and doing. It is yours, so it contains what works for you, and doesn’t HAVE to be like anyone elses.

  2. A traditional Book of Shadows is something that is handed down from ‘generation to generation’, something that someone else gives you the beginning to and you are left to add the rest. This isn’t something that you are going to want to leave laying around. What you put into it is your own business and no one else’s. It is a repository of dreams, spells, chants, incantations and thoughts and if it would happen to fall into the wrong hands, it could be used against you.

  3. I have one I call the Big Book Of Crap. It has spells, enchantments, notes of mthical creatures, areas of the paranormal, well retty much anything that can not be explained. It is also very old and not all of it is in English. It is ment to be your personal guide and to help you learn and grow within the areas you study. Sometimes a simple entry on how lovely the day was and how close to the Goddess you felt is all you need.How big of a book you need also depends on your path. I am a preistess, ergo my book is quite large and contains both the dark and light so that I may know what I am facing and how to get rid of it. If your path is a simple on then a smaller one would suit you well to keep track of herbs, healing spells ect. Hope this eases some confusion.

  4. I, personally, have two, I guess — well 3 Book of Shadows… I have one that has all of my personally written rituals, spells, etc. in it, another that has rituals and spells I have downloaded offline, or from public group rituals I have attended, and another with notes from all the various classes I have taken on subjects pertaining to my spiritual practice. Some other witches also have another they call a Mirror Book that they use to record dreams, and/or different psychic readings they’ve recieved or performed, or any visions they’ve recieved, etc. I have something like this, but I call it my Dream Journal, and I don’t realy consider it a Book of Shadows, persay.
    Also, I put most everything I have on my computer so most of my Book of Shadows is on my hard drive! It’s easy to keep things organized and I can add to it easily. I do print off hard copies of everything I write myself and put it into a three ring binder. You never know when you’re computer could crash! (Although I have most of what I have saved on disk somewhere too… can’t be too careful!) I keep all of my divination reports on my computer and most of the recipes I’ve used…
    Some feel that there is more power to it if everything is handwritten, but I feel that if I am putting my energy into it, it works just as well hand-written as it does typed, but that’s just my personal opinion. 🙂
    Blessings and Light

  5. Think of a Book of Shadows…or Book of Knowledge or what ever you want to call it, as a mgical diary. Write your thoughts, write your concepts, ideas, goals, desires, needs, spells learned, spells created, rituals discovered, notes and connections to anything you find out in this wild world we all live in.
    If you wanted to pass your knowledge on to someone else, what would they like to know? What would enjoy having passed to you as you are beginning yourpath of enlightenment? If you can think of it on those terms, then you will know exactly what you want to place within your book of shadows.
    Oh and feel free to edit as you see fit.

  6. There is a personal book of shadows, which is a record of your personal path & experiences. It should contain all of the rituals, spells, charms, etc. that you yourself have constructed & completed. Included in each journal entry should be date, time, location, phase of the moon, and pertinent astrological data ( planetary hours, or ephemeris data) You should also always leave a bit of space at the end of each one so that you can go back and journal how successful each was, and what you might consider revising to make it better next time. There are also “Tradition book’s of Shadow” for example the Gardnerian book of Shadows, Alexandrian Book Of Shadows etc. and those will not be available to you until you are an initiate to that particular tradition, not only will not be available, but it will either be distributed piece-meal or after your final or 3rd degree elevation. Brit trads are also pretty strict about the BOS being writ in your own hand, so prepare for some writers cramp.
    Other things you might want to include in your personal book of shadows are a glossary & pronunciation guide, a chart of the planetary hours, dates of the full & new moon, herbs, oils, stones or other props for magic & their meanings & correspondences. Alternative alphabets & their English equivalent such as Theban, Elder FUThARK, angelic script, or a sigil language of your own design. A list of gods & goddess their native culture & patronages. Asanas or yoga postures, guided meditations, notes from any classes (of a magical nature) that you may have participated in. Mantras, chants, songs, invocations, quarter calls, circle casts, altar devotions, prayers to your ancestors, poetry… anything pertaining to your path as you walk it. What you are interested in on the myth & magic side of things. It is your book and what ever you feel is important to your spiritual growth should be included. Good luck seeker! Start recording your path now! In 5 years you will be happy that you did!


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