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What to label myself?


Hi all, I know everyone says that you don’t need to label yourself and whatever but if you think about it you really do need to so that you can find others that believe in the same things. So i need help figuring out what to label myself as. What i believe is that the Gods and Goddesses are everything and in everything and also they are in everyone. They are your best and your worst…they are your energy and the energy of things and people around you. I also believe that nature is scared and i kinda believe in magick. I also believe that i am an empath and that crystals have healing powers. I have been calling myself a Pagan for awhile but i don’t believe in the god and goddess as beings so i know i’m not Just a pagan. I have also looked into the Pantheist religion but i don’t agree with all of the things that they believe in. Does anyone know what i should label myself as and also can you help me understand what all of the major Pantheist beliefs are? Oh and one more thing…i believe in reincarnation and the summerlands. ok thanks! -Willow!!
I tried Wicca and there is no way i can keep up with THAT many rules haha. That’s why i went pagan.

Answer by KYLE
Your name amuses me


  1. your whole post there is shouting out Wicca
    so you might not believe in the Gods and Goddesses in the same way as the next Wiccan .. but how you view them is absolutely up to you
    the rest of it … Wicca

  2. Label youself as “Everything” or “All things” or “The All”, similar to “The Way”. That should do it.

  3. Pantheism is NOT a religion. It is a Concept of Deity. It is the belief that each piece of the universe contains a little piece of the Divine and that the universe as a whole is a manifestation of God. In other words,, the Divine is in everything, including you, but your are not God.
    Because you believe your Gods and Goddesses are energy, you think of your Deities as being transcendent rather than imminent
    Everything you speak of here makes you a very Generic Pagan.

  4. I’m with you…It’s all this crap that falls under these different titles.
    You say your Pagan and people assume you believe exactly them thing as the last Pagan they met, or just confuse you with a Wiccan, but really it’s such a vast plethora of beliefs, concepts, ideals, traditions- it tells you very little about an individuals actual beliefs.
    So, you try to narrow it down, and it gets more specific but it also just gets more complicated until you end up telling people some endless frickin title like “Eclectic Pantheistic Norse Traditional Neo-Pagan” or something (I just made that up as an example) and in the end it’s too much bother-at least for me.
    I just go with Pagan, and if people want me to be more specific I tell them they’ll just have to come hang out with me for a few days and get the whole picture because there is no quick explanation.
    And *for me*- I don’t think there should be. My entire belief system and understanding of existence doesn’t need to fit in one Title or term or whatever. It can be an experience, an exploration that has to be shared intimately and at length before it’s understood or explained to someone.


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