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what to do with energy from being a drama queen?

Since i am a drama queen
i have a lot energy and i am pretty damn passionate
since people say it’s like draining to them
what can i do with all the energy and attention I have stored up?
Please do not tell me to get a job or do my homework, I am in college so I obviously do both of those. What should I do with myself? Please do not tell me to help the needy. realistically, who the F**k does that anyway?
i believe the mood disorder
i have my days
but bipolar probably not
i am not extreme at least no one has commented on my psychology other than my inability to laugh at myself when i am embarrassed and how freakin pissed I get. I know i need anger management.


  1. Be an actress, go to auditions or something. I’m a huge drama queen and that’s what i plan to do.
    You could just, like do whatever you want dude! Why you asking us? haha :.D

  2. I’m the complete opposite of you, however my 11 year old is a drama queen. She started taking dance and is in recitals, also you could join a drama club and actually be in plays.
    Best of luck

  3. I went back and read most of your questions. Your friends and family have commented that your behavior is a concern for them such as your comment above that your energy is draining to them and other comments that you’re argumentative etc. You sound like you’re bipolar, suffering from excessive energy (mania) to being argumentative and withdrawn (depression). You certainly have some type of mood disorder and it’s affecting the people who care about you.


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