What to do with a roommate who announces that he is reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler?

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It’s really worrisome because I found where he is keeping a chart of my sleep habits and the phases of the moon, and is presently filing his canine teeth into sharp points.
Should I move out or just hang a cross over my bed?

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bonzo the tap dancing chimp

Stake him out.


try running a stake through his heart… or call your local mental health center


garlic and crosses are you new best friends.
Or call him parents or report him to the counsueling center on campus


That sucks!


Move out. Now.
Or you could just stake him, but then you’d be arrested and put in jail.


i say tell someone you feel threatened and if you need more. Shit tell him your alexander the great.


Get some garlic, and a wooden stake in addition to the cross, then move the hell out of there as fast as you can…
Change your name to Van Helsing


cool wait and see what happens and then get back to us


report him to your residence director.


Ha Ha.. People are great.. I would move out..




Impale him with the cross b4 he can impale u. Maby he had a really weird dream were he was vlad and he thought it was real. just move to a friends room if he starts to get really creepy. if i dont get a reply i’ll no that vlad killed u first cause u chickened out on impaling him. lol jk


put a glass of v8 by his bedside and say; “I brought you a gift, master” and see what happens.


lol – tie him down in a room with a window and no curtains and wait till morning. When he fails to implode in a puff of smoke, untie him, and tell him he got off lightly – the second test was the stake through the heart!


buy him a nice coffin and offer to help him get his supply of blood. make sure he’s never hungry and you should be safe if you are helping him

Dan B

Get rid of him. If he won’t go – move out.
He’s psycho!


keep the lock on the door to your bedroom locked and quickly find a new roommate, or move out as soon as possible. he definetly has issues. vlad the impaler, who was called dracula because of the simple fact of who his father was. dracula, means son of dracu, which what vlad’s dad was called. he was a vicious ruler, a hero in the eyes of romanians, and a vampire in an alcoholic irish writers book. the real vlad wasn’t a vampire. your roommate needs to seek professional help. and you need to look into self defense courses.

Danielle S

Now where’s your sense of adventure?


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