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What to bring to yoga and pilates class?

SO I just moved with my fiance to another state and have nothing to do at the moment and wanted to take yoga and pilates at the YMCA in town. I haven’t signed up yet, but will next week. I was just curious what I should bring to either class and what to wear? I’ve never taken any of these things before I usually just run outside lol. And any tips where i can get these things cheaply…i’m not looking for designer stuff 🙂 thanks


  1. All you should need for your yoga/pilates class is a good yoga mat, a towel and water. As far as your gear, you’ll want to wear close fitting clothing to ensure that you can visually monitor your form while you’re in pose.
    For pilates they do sometimes use equipment like bands and such but a good studio usually provides those.
    Enjoy yourself! I love my yoga. Namaste :o)


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