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What time travel machine should I purchase?

I’ve been in the market of buying a time travel machine but cannot decide on which brand.
I would prefer the newer models with the upgraded flux capacitor but all suggestions are welcome.
Thanks and travel safe my friends,


  1. time travel machine???? good luck with that sir. i really honestly truely with all my heart wish you luck cause i think you gonna get ripped off if you buy one of those things

  2. Well if you are looking for quality, try bak2dafutur. The only flaw is the price. A decent model is the Eurotime 3000. It’s time is about 3000 years, it’s not the best, but it will work. These both have the newest flux capcitor.

  3. Buy the cheapest model possible, when you get to the future you will be able to purchase a far advanced model to return in.

  4. I would go with the classic flying Delorion. You can always upgrade the flux capacitor yourself, or have the local Doc do it and you will always be known as the one person with enough balls to go old school. That’s the problem with kids today, they always want the newest and the best, but you just can’t beat the classics.

  5. Go for a De Lorean, rock the classics. They get better gas millage, look cooler, and have a 4 star safety rating. Go for the hovering model with the bio fuel converter.

  6. You will probably want the EquatorRZ2000, it is the safest device currently out there. It works by putting you in a seat that rotates around the equator of the earth and starts spinning ever faster for several days. In that time you are in constant contact with a flight attendand in Malibu, who regulators your food reserves while orbiting. When you reach maximum velocity, around about 1500RPM (where RPM defines 1 rotation around the planet) the seat is released, launching you into space. When that procedure is completed the flight attendand will finish off the proces and notify the nearest media-outlet that we have one less yahoo! awnsers spammer on the planet. The succesfulness of the launch can be noticed trough the cheers or cries of mankind when it occurs.

  7. Most time machines are nothing fancy when you first buy them because once you have a time machine upgrading it become simple.
    What you want to do is purchase a real dumpy one and go forward in time and get a warp drive and a pressurized cabin put on it. Then you can go further in time and travel through space at the speed of light to the Planet of the Spinning Rims where gold plated rims are like…a dollar a dozen so you can throw some rims on that bitch. Then you can pick up some bltches on the Planet of the Women With No Self Respect. There’s a million ways to trick your time piece out once you get it…

  8. Let;s see there is the
    H.G. Wells model But i only goes backward and forward in time.
    Sling shoting around the sun only works with a star ship/
    The DeLorean is nice but needs to achieve 88 Mph to time travel. Speed limit here is only 65
    The phone booth use by Bill and Ted is OK as long as the antenna doesn’t get damaged.
    The TARDIS can go any planet any time but has a hard time landing at the right time.

  9. Get that starship Enterprise and fly towards the sun for that slingshot effect. The DeLorean sounds like a good idea. If the time machine part breaks down, you will still have a fun car to drive.

  10. Dude. (snicker)
    First of all, that last sentence u wrote was like u were yoda or something. Hahahaha.
    Second, since when is time travel possible.
    Third, it is not possible ur getting riped off.
    Fourth, r u really that dumb to believe that crap.
    Fifth, idk i just put fifth for no reason. lol. 😉
    Good luck and let the force be with u (hahahaha) rofl


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