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What thought do you prefer?

A woodsman had his ax stolen.He went to Confucious and told him his anxiety about the lost of his tool for living.”You should be happy that someone else has got use of that ax!”was the answer he got.Being not so satisfied,the woodsman told the same thing to Lao-tzu and
another respose from this philosopher as follows:
“An ax is still an ax,no matter what.”
So, which one do you prefer for the answer?
To Adriana,
like you said,it’s interesting,haha!
To Biedronk,
That’s one point.
But I do’nt think these answers are based on their lacking of sympathy
A philosopher never ever do things like this,otherwise,there could be nothing called “philosophy “!


  1. Obviously neither philosophers had their livelihood stolen from them, so they were displaying their lack of empathy and understanding by trying to be clever:)


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